Carnival Birthday Party Games

Carnival birthday party is a fun way to celebrate your kid's birthday. Carnival birthday parties are becoming more and more common today and these are party which are fun and happiness packed. Is your little ones birthday around the corner and are you planning to have a birthday party which will be a hit among his little friends? Carnival party can be just the one you are looking for. So what are you waiting for, start planning for your little ones party.

Carnival Party Plan

If you are organizing a carnival game party for your child's birthday, it is better to start planning beforehand so that you can start collecting a lot of little prizes and gifts and can plan your games and prepare for it. Collect different items like balls, cartoon boxes, paints, cloths and cardboards from your friends and pick up everything that might be useful for your party if you prefer to make games from scratch and don’t want to spend too much on the readymade games and gifts. You can buy gifts during festive seasons where you can get toys and decoration accessories at sale.

Party Invitation

Let your carnival birthday party begin with the invitation, you can make colorful cards by hand and sent it to each of your little guest. If you can paint well draw balloons, some happy face and make it as colorful as you can and write down a real good invitation saying that your guest's presence is what make the party a hit. You can provide the list of games being conducted and the grand prize for the person wining most of the games.

Buying The Prizes

Buying the prizes for the winners at the game is always important as you should be buying sufficient number of prizes and should not spent too much on it. Remember the kids are going to play the same game again and again so do buy enough prizes to give each winner, you can give stickers, color pens, paper masks, comics books, stuffed toys or anything you can afford, but always be sure to keep a lot at hand. You can get the older edition of comic books at lower rates and g to stationary shops with the 'sale' board to find something which might be useful as a prize. But for the grand prize do buy something really good like cute stuffed toy or racer car. One more thing not one of your guests should go home empty handed.

Birthday Party Games

 Games are the major attraction of carnival birthday party. Organize as many as eight or ten games for your little friends. Include a few games which have high chance of winning. Such games will be loved by the children and they might play it again and again, so don’t give big and expensive prizes for it. Buy loads of cheaper but good ones as like toffees, candies, stickers, or craft papers for such games. All your games should not be too easy because a too easy game looses the thrill of winning. Plan games that are a bit difficult but achievable ones and give a better prize for such games so that these will also be played by children; children have a tendency of trying harder for better prizes if they find it is achievable. Children's party are never known for being quiet and organized, it is always loud and full of fun. So as a host, see to it that no one gets hurt and each one of your guest gets chance to play every game. Assign an adult or grown up children to look after each game and organize it well and good.

Some Birthday Party Games

Here are some games which you can easily arrange for your child's birthday. Choose the ones you find the most interesting and manageable for the party to come.

Penny Toss

Arrange some brightly colored metal cans side by side on the table. Draw a line at the start of the game a few feet away from the table. Give your participants with three pennies each and let them throw it into the can. Whoever throws at least one is the winner. You can reduce the distance of the throw point in case of smaller children.

Hungry Mr. Jack

Draw a colorful face on a paper and paste it on a card board. Cut a hole where the mouth is and place 'Mr. Jack at a corner. Whoever can throw the ping pong balls through the open mouth and feed the hungry jack is the winner. Always remember to make a big face and a big mouth, so that the ball can easily pass through the open mouth.

Count The Jelly Bean

Keep a small jelly bean bottle on the table and let the children guess the number of jelly bean in the bottle. The participant who gets the answer closest to the correct number is the winner. You can give away the jelly bean bottle as the prize and start a new game with a next bottle. Remember to let as many children to guess before you give away the prize, but announce the winner right away if anyone guesses the right number.

Lollipop Bag

You can buy three colored lollipops and put all of them in a cloth bag. Let your guest pick their lollipop from the bag of lollipops. Whichever color your guest picks, each corresponds to a gift, so each of your guest will be winning this game but may have different prizes.

Shoot The Cans

Arrange ten cans wrapped in color paper in the form of a pyramid. Let your participant shoot at it with a rubber ball and knock down all the cans. Whoever knocks down all the ten cans is the winner.

Break The Balloons

Pin on as many balloons you can on a cardboard 'wall'. Let your participants throw three darts at the balloons and try to pop it. Pop the balloon and take your prize. The more number of balloons you pop, the better gift you gets.

Mouse Hole

Take a cardboard box and paint it on all the four sides. Make three holes on it an the three sides of the box. Let your little friends shoot the golf balls using small stick straight into the box. Assign three different gift for each hole and you can also make holes of different size for different prize.

Hoopla Throws

You can get small hoopla rings at the market for this game. Arrange a number of prizes on the ground at a feet distance and let your participants throw the hooplas at these prizes. The one on which the hoopla falls go home with the little guest.


It's party time so food is a must. Besides your birthday cake and sweets you can arrange a food booth to serve the food for the guest. You can make it a snaky party if you are planning the party at tea time, arrange cotton candies, peanut butter sandwiches, flavored drinks, pop corns and chocolate brownies to treat your guest and you can also offer jelly beans, M &M's and some other sweets for the guest.

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