Business Publications

Business publications are the publications that focus on different aspects of business, economy and finance at domestic and international level. Most of these publications cater to a niche audience and not general public.

Business publications include business books, business magazines, trade or business journals and business newspapers.

Business Books Business books or professional books are basically books that cater to people in a particular industry or field.

Business books can be in the field of accounting, advertising, insurance sector, economy in general, stocks, marketing and research, finance and computers and are meant for professionals in the particular sector. They are meant to enhance the knowledge of its readers in the field, industry or profession of their choice.

Authors of these books are experts in the field they are writing about and want to share their experience and expertise with the readers. These books impart practical knowledge to the readers. However, they are not of any interest to a lay man.

Business magazines

These magazines cater to the interests of businessmen, corporate houses, financiers and economists. They give details about recent takeovers, new ventures, new technologies and business policies of corporate houses. These magazines are basically subscriber-based. They may come out weekly, fortnightly, monthly or even quarterly.

Some of these magazines are generalized business magazines that are of interest to businesses in all sectors, whereas there are some magazines which only cater to a particular industry like auto industry, IT sector or computers. However, these magazines catering to a particular industry may also have some news about other sectors but that is very negligible.

Business week, Forbes and Fortune are some of the famous business magazines that are known the world over.

Business Journals

Business or Trade journals are periodicals, generally either fortnightly or monthly, that target specific industry or sector. These journals have no or minimal interest value for common man. Advertisements in these journals are also aimed at the particular industry they are targeting. Some of these journals also carry jobs related to the particular sector or industry.

These journals contain well-researched articles on latest trends, innovations and achievements in the particular industry. They also highlight concerns and interests of the domestic and international businesses or corporate houses. These journals freely use industry-specific terminology or technical language as its readers are from the same industry.

These journals are exclusively available to only its subscribers. Trade journals may focus on sectors like agriculture, auto industry, hospitality sector, computers, e-commerce, financial services, publications, IT sector and many more.

Business Newspapers

These newspapers are also called pink newspapers. They basically focus on news related to markets, economic policies, policies of individual business houses or corporate houses, their achievements and new ventures for the benefit of business leaders, economists, financiers and policy makers.

These are basically daily newspapers that may contain some content which is of interest to common man. Wall Street Journal and Financial Times are two of the famous business newspapers.

Though some of them do carry news other than business-related articles like national news, sports, international news or human interest stories, they are relegated to the inside or back pages.