Gifts for Boy's

Gifts are a way to express your feelings of love and affection to the recipient. While choosing a gift for somebody, you should take into consideration the age and the interests of the recipient.

Boys are generally full of energy, so the gifts for them should be such that it keeps them busy and both physically and mentally engaged. Boys will definitely not like gifts which are meant for girls or are not according to their age.
Some of the gift ideas for boys are

  1. Boys generally are crazy about video games. Just give them video games and they will remain occupied. You should keep his age group in mind while selecting the video games so that he does not see things like too much violence and gore which are not appropriate to his age. They will be so happy to receive Play station, Xbox 360 and Nintendo Wii that they will bestow you with the title of ‘Best Dad or Mom of the world’.
  2. After video games, it is cars or planes that boys are fond of. Your little one might have a number of cars but take him to a toyshop and he is bound to buy yet another car for his collection. The remote-controlled cars, planes and helicopters are the latest rage among the boys.
  3. Toys related to his favorite cartoon characters like Ben10, Doraemon, Spiderman, Superman and Batman can also be given to boys who are interested in superhero antics.

Alternatively, you can buy him a dress of Spiderman, Superman or Batman for wearing on his birthday party on the theme of cartoon characters.

  1. If he is interested in learning skating, you can also gift him skating rollers or skateboard along with the head gear and kneecap to protect him from getting hurt during falls.

 If your little one is interested in solving puzzles, you can gift him puzzles like jigsaw puzzles, picture puzzles and crossword according to his age group.

  1. If your son is a sports fanatic and likes to play a particular sport like cricket, football, tennis or baseball, you can gift him the enrolment at a coaching institute of their favorite sports.

Or else, if your son is crazy about cricket, you can gift him a personalized cricket set complete with cricket gear like pads, helmet etc with his initials engraved on it. If your son is a football fanatic, you can give him a replica jersey of his favorite soccer player or team. For boys who love playing tennis, you can go in for tennis racquet. A personalized baseball bat could be an ideal gift for a baseball lover. If he loves cycling, you can gift him head gear and knee cap. You can also give him tickets or passes of a cricket or football match of his favorite team.

  1. You can also gift him a personalized Beanbag with his name embroidered on it.
  2. You can give him a whiplash wave scooter, which is basically just like skateboard but has handles to maneuver it. The scooter has to be self-propelled and then you can drive it like a normal scooter. The handles can be folded so there is no problem regarding storage.
  3. You can also gift him an iPod if he is musically inclined so that he can enjoy listening to music of different genres. All boys, like men, simply love getting electronic gadgets as a gift so you can go in for electronic diaries, digital cameras or cell phones.
  4. Books are yet another option as books not only educate us but they also make us aware about the world around us. Mush novels are considered a strict no-no for boys as they generally prefer mystery novels or sci-fi novels so you can gift them a series of Hardy Boys or Famous Five novels.
  5. If your son is interested in adventurous activities like skiing, mountaineering, paragliding and water rafting, you can get him enrolled in and adventure camp or a mountaineering institute where he can learn the ropes of activities he is interested in.
  6. A normal t-shirt with his name engraved on it or a family photo printed on it will also be a great idea for a gift.

No matter which gift you choose, you should give it to the recipient from your heart because if you give it from the heart, it will touch the recipient’s heart and your effort and gift would be appreciated.