Boomerang Television

Boomerang is the name of a popular television channel for kids owned by the Cartoon network. The channel was brought into digital broadcast and cable TV network on April 1, 2000.

About boomerang TV:

Boomerang is a fully owned subsidiary of the Cartoon network. It beams program in the US, UK, Australia, Germany, South Africa, Spain, France, Poland, Italy, Latin America, Brazil and some eastern European countries. A feature about boomerang TV to notice is the fact that it doesn't carry any product advertising, preferring only to carry advertisements for boomerang and cartoon network programs. The signature slogan of boomerang was "It's all coming back to you". The use of this slogan has however lessened in the recent past. "Boomerang: Right Back 'Atcha." Is the current slogan and also reflects its themed programming based on nostalgia.

Boomerang shows:

shows such as the Duck dodgers, Scooby Doo, Cow & Chicken, Yogi bear, the Flintstones, the Jetsons, Super friends, Space Ghost, Popeye, Scooby Doo and Scrappy Doo, Atom Ant, Loonatics, Unleashed, Baby Looney Tunes, Dexter's Laboratory etc are broadcast on boomerang TV

Boomerang broadcasts classic cartoons and animated television programs mainly from the Warner Bros., Metro Goldwyn Mayer and Hanna barbera archives Broadcasters: the Cable Company Comcast, suddenlink Communications, Time Warner Cable, Cox and Verizon's new FiOS TV are the broadcasters in the USA that offer the channel as an on demand channel or as a regular station.

Boomerang TV in countries other than the United States of America: boomerang was launched in the United Kingdom and republic of Ireland on ay 27th 2000. Programs are broadcast 24 hours on many platforms such as Sky digital, Virgin Media, Tiscali Tv etc. it features cartoon and animated programs and an exclusive show called My Spy Family, which is a live action program about the Bannon family

The mother and father are two ex arch enemy spies who fell in love, married and now have three children who are brought up with many spy techniques. Their escapades form the crux of this story.

The promotional for the channel are mostly announced by actor john O' Hurley who is also the current host of the program family feud

Contrary to traditional programming, in 2005 boomerang began to telecast many modern series cartoons and programs which included shows such as Superman: the animated series, Justice League, Whats new, Scooby Doo, He-Man and the Masters of the Universe (2002 series) etc. due to this change in the style of the programs being broadcast, many wondered if this was going to be a permanent change in the formatting of the programming like it had happened with Cartoon Network.