Body Jewelry

Amongst all accessories women will never live without is jewelry. This can be a plain necklace or a bracelet that will give the impression of being good on the individual as long as goes with the outfit.

  • Body jewelry has been around for many days.
  • Recently, a lot of celebrities and those in college have done this. But people who want to do something special should take it to the subsequent level and this can happen by using those that are exotic.
Types of body jewelry

There are many kinds of body jewelry present in the market:

  • No Pain No Gain' seems to be the hymn of body piercing.
  • Non Piercing body jewelry adheres to body with the assistance of clips or particular magnets that clutch the tissue to hold the jewelry in place.
  • Moreover, these are offered in a variety of materials:
    • gold
    • platinum
    • silver
    • glass
    • plastic
    • ivory.

There is as much variety in the Non Piercing body jewelry as in the Piercing body jewelry.

There are:

  • lip rings
  • barbells
  • belly button rings
  • nose rings
  • tongue rings
  • labret rings
  • eyebrow rings
  • captive bead jewelry
  • tongue studs.

No body can tell the difference between the Piercing Jewelry and Non-Piercing Jewelry because both look exactly the same.

The best thing about Non Piercing body Jewelry is that it is temporary, painless and risk free.

Organic jewelry

Organic jewelry is on of the trendiest things in feminine world.

These include:

  • bamboo plugs with burnt designs on the ends
  • big wood hoops
  • giant agate cylinders
  • loads of new stone plugs
  • rare orange porcupine quills
  • Tuareg hoop earrings
  • huge Ethiopian clay lip plates
  • Turcoman earrings
  • Tibetan earrings
  • Vietnamese hill tribe jewelry
  • New Guinea and aboriginal nose bones
  • lots of amazing Chinese hill tribe plugs and earrings
  • Ifugao tribe (Philippines) brass or bead and shell earrings.

These are generally made of:

  • amber
  • bamboo
  • horns
  • bones
  • stones
  • hardwood.
Gold Jewelry
  • Gold has become the order of the day and trendy
  • Gold has become a sign of sign of elegance and now worn by both sexes.Gold jewelry makes ideal gifts for any occasion
  • Similarly, gold body jewelry is also of great demand for all time
  • The owners and fashion designers have made these a piece of art.
  • Body piercing jewelry is the most common and widely used body jewelry

Extensive collection of these includes:

  • navel jewelry
  • belly button rings
  • tongue jewelry
  • eyebrow rings and barbells
  • labrets
  • spikes
  • balls
  • ear jewelry
  • nose studs.

The accessories group includes:

The styles include everything from the basic to:

  • silicone ticklers
  • dangling jewelry
  • glow in the dark'
  • body jewelry with Genuine Swarovski and Preciosa crystal gemstones.

Piercing jewelry

Types of piercing jewelry include:

Tongue piercing
  • Tongue piercing is most often pierced with straight barbell style jewelry.
  • Due to, more amount of action and movement that the tongue is involved with (speech, eating etc.), jewelry size and comfort is especially important.
  • Barbells that are too thin are prone to migration, causing discomfort and irritation.
  • Tongue piercing can often be easily stretched to accommodate larger jewelry.
  • The most common tongue piercing jewelry is the barbells.
Case Study
  • Allegedly navel jewelry came to the facade of society in the early 90’s when the top models like Christy Turlington and Naomi Campbell and Alicia Silverstone appeared on stage sporting belly button rings.
  • The above mentioned events are alleged to make millions of girls running to the piercing parlors and having their belly buttons pierced.
  • As time rolled the belly piercing became as common as ear piercing and less people consider it to belong to other piercing categories like facial, tongue or surface piercing. Girls get their navels pierced at early stage of life which is around 14 years.
Lip Rings
  • Lip Rings suitable for Lip piercing include Labrets and BCR's Segment Rings & Circular Barbells.
  • The most suitable Lip Ring depends on your taste & also on your piercing.
Case Study

In South America at the time of the Spanish conquests, lip Ring, usually made of stone, gold, or rock crystal, and were worn by the native people.