Bliss launched its first spa in 1996 in SoHo in New York. Soon it became quite a rage in the city with its excellent customer-friendly services. It opened its London branch in November 2001. In 2003, it was named Best Spa by Time Out while in 2003 and 2004; it received the Sunday Times Best Spa Treatment Award for its Triple Oxygen Facial.

At present, there are around eight Bliss spas around the world. After interacting with their clientele and knowing their needs, they also launched their range of cosmetics, skin care products, spa products and bath products which they sell through their outlets and online.

Bliss cosmetics

Bliss has an amazing and interesting range of cosmetics for your face be it eyes or lips. Eye shadow Fastener, which has to be applied before eye shadow, helps in making your eyes look beautiful for a longer time. It is a kind of concealer which prevents eye shadow from creasing.

If you are embarrassed about your skinny lips, don't fret! You can use Bliss Poutrageous lip plumper to give your lips a fuller look and even prevents water loss. Super balm Lip Conditioner will help treat your chapped lips and also prevent your lips from harmful ultra-violet rays.

Ink Pink Blushing Balm is a water-based gel blushon which gives a natural glow to your cheeks. Laboratoire Remède Translucent UV Coat SPF 30 is an oil-free sunscreen lotion which can be applied on any cream or moisturizer.

It has also come up with a Poetic wax set comprising of a pre-wax lotion that prevents wax from sticking to skin, wax that needs no heating and can even remove stubborn hair, post-wax calming balm that helps cool and soothe the skin, and hair delaying active which delays the reappearance of hair.

Bliss also sells manicure and pedicure kits comprising of tools required for doing manicure and pedicure by professionals and even amateurs. A manicure kit may comprise hand cream and tools like cuticle remover, diamancel etc.

Bliss Skincare

In this category, Bliss has different varieties of facial sets, treatments, Cleansers, moisturizers and toners to suit everyone. The steep clean staples set includes cleansing milk, toner pads and a moisturizer for your daily regimen.

Sleeping Peel Complete Kit consists of exfoliating mask, sleeping peel serum which removes wrinkles and reduces the damage caused by sun burn, eye gel which makes you look younger, resurfacing gel and cleansing cream to give you a complete ''peel over''. Age-Prevention Facial Kit, which will help prevent wrinkles and aging, includes amspf 15 which is a sunscreen, prevention pm, eye cream, and face wash. The all around round-up set is suitable to all skin types. The set comprises exfoliants and moisturizers.


'The Youth as We Know It' is a cream that is made from ten anti-aging ingredients. The cream prevents wrinkles from coming on your skin, and exfoliates and hydrates your skin. Sleeping Peel Serum helps in removing wrinkles and reduces the damage caused by sun burn. Apply it before moisturizer and see your wrinkles vanish away.

Laboratoire Remède Post-Peel Skin-Calming Balm, as the name suggests, is a cream that calms and soothes the skin after indulging in the ''peel over''. Wrinkle Twinkle reduces the wrinkles and under-eye circles and helps the skin to relax. If you feel you have overdone your make-up, apply instant Mattification Gel to reduce the shine. It will also help in tackling with clogged pores.

Bliss bath products

This include bath soap bars and scrubs. Are you embarrassed on wearing short skirts due to thunder thighs. High Thighs Slimmer Scrub comes to your rescue as it helps you to achieve a slimmer look for your thighs. It also makes the skin soft and improve your blood circulation.

All your needs be it cosmetics, spa treatment or skin care products can be fulfilled at Bliss!