Birthday Party Invitations

Free Birthday Party Invitations

You can make your own cards for inviting people to your birthday party celebration! They are simple to prepare and print and they are free to get as well. You can also make your envelope using online printable template. Some such birthday related designs are as under:

  • Cupcake Design – You can get the print out and make this free birthday party invitation displaying a cupcake.
  • Cake and Gift Design – This design is available on line for free birthday party invitation manifesting a birthday cake and a gift.
  • Candle Design – This can also work as a free birthday party invitation showing birthday cake candles.
  • Balloon Design – Get the print out of this card and make this free birthday party invitation a perfect card with balloons.
  • Blank Design – This blank design free birthday party invitation will allow you to design yourself and rejoice on your creativity.
  • Free Envelope Template – This free template of 4.5 x 6 inch envelope will serve the purpose of your birthday card cover.

Birthday Part Invitation Templates

While searching on the internet for birthday party invitations you will come across some template software with proper step by step instructions as to how to use the same. It is very easy to use and will act as ready made invitations that you genuinely want to create yourself.

There are many printable birthday party templates as well:

  • Party Favor Bag Templates
  • Gift/Scrapbook Tag Templates
  • Napkin Ring Templates
  • Party Favor Box Templates
  • Gift Card Templates
  • Party Hat Templates
  • Place Card Templates

 Birthday Party Invitation Wordings

Birthdays are the days which are special in themselves hence the birthday invitation wording should also be in line with it. It should be such an invitation that all the guests would remember for a long time.

Your birthday invitation wording can depend on a different factors like

  • Your age
  • Theme
  • Taste and personality  
  • Tastes of the guests

If you are fond of literature and poetry, it would be wonderful to include a small poem or accurate couplets of literature on your birthday invitation card. Make sure it has to be easy and simple.

It is not advisable to use a whole lot of words on a birthday invitation, exceptions always prevails, as in the case of a poetry themed birthday party. Remember the style of your birthday words should be legible and memorable for all.

You can generate some interesting birthday invitation cards adding in them personal messages, which you can customize keeping in view each recipient.

The choice of your birthday invitation wording can make your invitation card lively and more attractive. Here are some tips that can be useful for your birthday invitation wording –

  • The person’s name can be added in an interesting manner.
  • The birthday person’s age can be displayed to add a twist.
  • Person’s likes and hobbies can be mentioned.

50th birthday party invitations

50th birthday invitation ideas can go like this:

  • If you are a sport freak, then you can also try out some unique 50th birth day invitation cards with snaps of your favorite sportsman pasted on it, this will look cool and stylish.
  • There are many specific 50th birthday invitation cards available in the market with attractive images.
  • You can add a personal tincture by writing a small poem on it.
  • You can also place some of your photos from your childhood till the recent years in your invitation card as it would resemble of a small album.

1st Birthday Party Invitations

When you are going to celebrate your baby's first birthday it has to be special as your child is so divine and innocent.

The memories of the first birthday party deserve to be captured in the form of photographs and home videos.

You can find first birthday party ideas searching the online sites. Many websites offer ready made concepts for first birthday invitations.

Very catchy and fun images can serve the purpose. You can go for popular cartoon characters and themes which are most famous these days. You can also try out writing the first birthday invitation party wording on your child’s behalf.

60th Birthday Party Invitations

Aging is not just about getting grey hair, but it is all about growing mature. At 60, one retires from the duties and definitely has the time to reinvent his unfulfilled dreams. Hence age 60 must be honored.

You must craft the 60th birthday invitation card to salute the age and make him/her realize that it is only age that sags old not spirit.

An important event like the 60th birthday party, therefore, deserves some truly fascinating invitation wordings to mark the 60th birthday party.

60th Birthday Party Invitation 1:
  • Turning 60 is a great occasion!!
  • Let’s gather at the birthday party
  • Of …. (Name of the person) to celebrate……..
60th Birthday Party Invitation 2:
  • The time just flew
  • And before she even realize
  • She reached 60!!
  • It’s the right time therefore to loll
  • To enjoy and to rock and roll
  • Come together at the birthday party of
  • (name of the person)
Birth Day Party Invitations

Whether you're turning 13 or 30, you can find all kind of birthday party invitations cards online. All birthday invitations are available at most of the online shoppers. Some cards are creative, fun, and easy to customize.

Do-it-yourself Party Invitations

Do-it-yourself invitation is a growing trend, approaching very fast. In this category a full range of unique blank imprintable stationery card stocks are available to enable you prepare and print your own invitations with a laser or inkjet printer.

Printable Card Stocks/Flat Cards

The printable paper and card stocks are offered in numerous formats: translucent vellum overlays, background cards, metallic, overlay inserts, sheer overlays, ribbons, black, silver, gold and pearl foil. The blank card papers are available in flat cards, thank you cards, die-cuts, slim cards, pop-outs, and folders.

Birthday Party Supplies

You would always want the birthday party to be a big success and run as smoothly as possible. You can organize a great birthday party centered on a theme that the kid will certainly enjoy. For that you need right birthday party supplies.

Kids love parties and a birthday celebration is a big occasion for them. The secret to planning a grand birthday party is to make sure that you are managed and have every item of your birthday party supplies handy.

The most essential party supplies are:

  • Invitations – Make your kids involved while writing the invitations to their friends.
  • Thank you cards – Here also you can take assistance of your kids when sending thank you notes.
  • Party bags
  • Streamers and table utilities
  • Balloons and Noisemakers
  • Plates, Bowls and Straws
  • Plastic glasses and tumblers
  • Plastic cutlery set
  • Table Napkins
  • Table Linens

For the decorations you may need:

  • Table decorations
  • Streamers
  • Banners

And for the party bags you would need:

  • Candy
  • Chocolates
  • Magic Tricks
  • Pens, Pencils and Books
  • Stickers and Tattoos
  • Rubber Snakes, Spiders, Lizards etc.
  • Bouncy Balls
  • Figures and Models

If you are planning to organize some games for the kids then ensure that you have all of the equipments, needed. It is also important to hand over a birthday party favor as well as a party bag at the end of the party, so you must have more gifts. This could be a box of cookies, which your kids have helped to prepare and decorate before the party or a personalized card for the girls and a personalized chocolate for the boys, etc.

The most important birthday party supply is the birthday cake. Whether it is homemade or readymade, it will obviously be relished. Again, it can also be decorated in line with the theme of the birthday party