Birthday Gift Ideas

Birthday, the day on which a person is born is of course the most important day in ones life. Birthday is celebrated by every one in the world in a special way regardless of their age. We often celebrate birthdays of kids, youngsters, middle aged and old age people. Celebrating birthday with relatives and friends will make us feel so happy. The happier we feel is when they bring some sweet gifts for us, right? There is no one in the world doesn’t like being gifted. Because gifts on such special ocations show how the others love and care for us, only some one with true loving heart will bother to give us gift on this special day. So next time when you go for a birthday party don’t forget to gift your dear one with something special. Instead of gifting something for fulfilling a party, just try to give a unique gift which stands out from all other gifts they receive.


Here are some gift ideas to be given for your father, brother, boy friend, fiancé, uncle, nephew etc.

Personalized desk clock

A desk clock is a very useful gift and can be kept on office table, study table etc. A personal touch can be added to a simple desk top by engraving some good birthday wishes on it. This will be surely liked by the one being gifted.


Watches are usually worn now a day just as apart of fashion apart from knowing the time. So gifting a watch on birthday is a good idea.


A wallet is a useful thing for all to store their money and some important cards like credit card, insurance card etc. So it is a wise idea to gift your dear one with a wallet.


Cufflinks are the perfect gift to be given for elders. There are different patterns of cufflinks available in market try to choose a unique one as a gift.


Even if one has lots of shirts they will still like to have more. So it is a smart idea to gift your dear one with a shirt especially of his favorite color.


Laptop is surely a perfect and also very useful gift to be given on birthday. As this is a little bit expensive choose it only if it is affordable for you.


If you are planning to give bag as a birthday gift for elders or working professionals choose a black colored leather one. If it is for youngsters choose a fancy type bag.


Tie is the best gift suitable for your dear one especially if he is a working professional.


If you are planning to give shoes for your dear one on his birthday, then it is an excellent idea. For youngsters like school or college going boys buy a trendy and branded shoe and for elderly people buy shoes that has a professional touch.


Some of the gift items suitable to be given for your, mother, sister, aunty, wife, girl friend etc. on their birthday are:

Hand Bags:

Ladies always carry a hand bag with her. So it is a good idea to gift them with a hand bag especially a trendy one


Jewelries are the perfect gift to be given for ladies. So gift your dear one with jewelries like ear rings, bracelets, necklace, rings etc.

Jewelry Box:

The idea of gifting women with a Jewelry box is perfectly good. It will of course be very useful for her to store her jewelries safer.


If you are planning to gift watch to youngsters choose a trendy one if it is for elderly people choose the traditional leather strap watch.

Cosmetic Kit:

Gifting your dear ones with a branded cosmetic kit will surely make her pleasant. So it is a smart idea to gift her cosmetic kit which will make your gift look unique among all other gifts.

Key Chains:

A key chain of a unique type is a perfect gift to be given for ladies.

Decorative Show Pieces:

Decorative show pieces like ceramic products, crystal wares, wall hangings are some of the perfect gift to be given for ladies.


Girls often like being gifted with chocolates. So next time when you go for a birthday party, try to gift her with a box full of delicious chocolates in it


Colorful Watch:

When gifting a watch to kids try to buy a special one. If it is for a girl choose a pink colored watch with some cartoon characters like Barbie, Dora, Minnie mouse, teddy bear etc. attached to it. If the watch is for boys select a blue or black colored watch with cartoon characters like Spider man, Bat man, Mickey Mouse, power rangers etc. attached to it.

Cute Wallets:

Kids will surely like colorful wallets with pictures of some cartoon characters engraved on it. By seeing the wallet of elders, kids will also have in mind to possess a wallet of their own so this is a perfect gift for your little one.


Kids always like playing with toys. If you are buying birthday gift for a girl, choose toys like kitchen set, Barbie doll, teddy bear etc. If the gift is for boys then choose a foot ball, remote controllable car, building blocks etc.

Back Packs:

kids will really feel so happy if you gift them with a back pack. They can use this while going out for shopping, playing etc to store their eatables, water bottle and other things


Kids are always found of chocolates. So it is of course a wise idea to gift them with lots of chocolates.