Best Water Efficient Top Loader Washing Machine

The market is flooded with many top brands, high-efficient washing machines in both top-loading and front-loading styles. In the same capacity and price range, several models are available. This just makes it very difficult for consumers to pick the right machine when they need one. You can research online, look for consumer feedback and rely on expert advice to help you in your decision-making.

In general, the top loaders are less expensive and easy to use compared to the front loaders. However, when it comes to efficiency, the top loaders are considered less efficient than the front loading machines. However, with recent technological improvements, today, some efficient top loader washing machines exist in the market.

Based on research, we have presented here a simple list of the best water efficient top loader washing machines.

Best Water Efficient Top Loader Washing Machine List

Kenmore Elite Oasis Lines:

This top loader is said to consume less energy (66%) and water (69%), when compared to conventional top loaders. The drum space of the washer is 4.5 cubic ft. There is a wash plate in place of an agitator, making the machine run quietly and be gentle on the clothes.

Whirlpool Cabrio HE

This machine also bounces clothes using a wash plate and has less vibrations and operating noise. The stainless steel drum in the machine has a whooping capacity of 4.6 cu. ft. There are 13 wash cycles and automatic control of temperature. This model has an Eco monitor for ensuring energy efficiency.

GE Profile Harmony

Another high performance top loader with 13 cycles, 4.5 cubic feet capacity and high performance rating, GE Profile Harmony comes with the TidalWave wash system. This system uses infusion technology and ‘centrifusion’ wash action for an effective wash cycle.

Fisher & Paykel Intuitive Eco IWL 16

With an energy rating of 223, the Intuitive Eco IWL 16 has a capacity of 3.7 cubic feet and employs Eco auto wash system. The special features like load sensing, fabric sensing, child lock, smart drive system, water saver cycle and more, make it one of the most water efficient top loaders in the market.