Bedroom Decorating

The Bedroom decorating task requires a plenty of creative ideas to enable you create what you are actually planning to do. So here are some of the primary guidelines, which you must keep in mind before you begin.

Selection of the Color:

You must not select the bold basic colors; instead opt for soothing colors for your bedroom. The most serene influence comes in by facilitating lavender, blue, soft hues of green etc. For offering coziness and comfort you must opt for jewel-toned colors. The best way here would be the topaz and chocolate browns. A toned down version of your favorite color would be the perfect choice.

Enhance the Simplicity in the Bedroom:

The bedroom decorating design should be unique. But most important is to ensure that the bedroom looks cozy and elegant. A considerable space between the side walls or a gap between the big furniture and bed must be there. Also a vacant space of two feet must be left between low-level furniture. Plan to keep the room simple and ensure it is not stuffed with unnecessary furniture. Family photos, wall decorating pieces can be arranged tastefully all around.

The Size and Volume of the Furniture:

The perfect size of the furniture is very vital for your room. Too small furniture can leave empty appearance while the oversized ones could make the room appear overcrowded. So the selection of the bed size and other artifices of the bedroom must be made as per some pre-decided theme.

A Private Section:

This is an exclusive advice and is quite imperative once you practically start living longer hours in your room. You should keep in mind to create a nice quiet and cozy corner in the bedroom, which can give you a space to have a private reading session. Transform this corner to a comfortable place by placing chairs and a footstool.

Right Linens:

Just as you wear clothes for your body, using fabulous fabrics proliferates the appearance of your bedroom. Thus it is important to opt for the appropriate linens in your room. Yourbedroom decorating style will display your personality. While buying the sheets opt for 100% cotton fabrics. The thread count must be at least 350 and this maintains the durability level and hence it is imperative. The expensive linens should be preferably dry cleaned.

Lighting Rules: Bedroom decorating planning for Right

Lighting is equally important. Ambient lighting must be put up which does the lighting for the entire room. Small lamps can also serve the purpose of reading. Accent lights can serve the purpose of offering delicate and subtle lighting in the bedroom that offers a cozy look. The reading light should be kept at the bedside.

Merge Some Styles

One of the Bedroom decorating suggestions could be making the fusion of both the traditional as well as modern designs. Add a tincture of traditional essence with a natural or floral printed fabric covers of bed sheets or pillows. This will display some level of flexibility in your bedroom wall decoration along with the table pieces present inthe room. You can incorporate modernized touch by utilizing some stylish artwork and wall papers etc.

Black and White Decorative Theme

Albeit it is a common idea but the effects are fabulous. Playing with black and white colors while opting for bedroom decorating designs is yet another great idea. It is a bit tough task filled with fun energy. A white bed sheet with black pillow covers can bring magic to your bedroom. The walls of the bedroom can be done in black and white photographs of your family, kids and friends in white or black frame. Add black and white composition of charcoal or collage paintings or any other artwork on your walls to make it appear exclusive.

Wooden Bed Frame and Class

Make a style trademark by incorporating some classic feel to the wood-toned bed frame. You can utilize a tanned bed sheet that will develop the dark wood and facilitate dark colored pillow covers. Ensure that you have created a good combination of dark and light shades.


Now when you are through with the bedroom decorating part of your room, now it is very important that you take care of it as well. You must maintain some discipline the room perfectly. You should also ensure that all your heavy and delicate machineries viz. computer, exercising, etc should be removed from your bedroom.

The most magnificent thing to understand is that bedroom decorating task is a highly creative task and it should be undertaken with a lot of innovation and must be based on your personal taste and preferences. After all, it is your bedroom and you will be using it, so decorate and catapult its looks and elegance the way you want to see it. Decorate it in a way it should appeal you and leave you mesmerized.