Beach Party

Beach Party is entirely different from other parties because it is an outdoor activity and carries its own fun and excitement. There are a lot of interesting aspects that are a part of planning which includes games like beach volleyball, menu that needs to be prepared, sitting arrangement at the beach, grill for barbecue and host of other funs. The first and the most important thing is that the planning should be executed in a very organized way. It is advised that different responsibilities should be distributed among different individuals and a constant watch should be kept to ensure that the deadlines are met.

Beach Party Invitation

Throwing a beach party, whether at the beach or at your cozy home with a beach party theme, baffles you with the question of - what kind of invitations should be sent? Keeping in mind the time you have to organize you can get as funky and innovative as you wish. If time is short you can order customized invitations cards sent to your door.

If you want an invitation to get noticed but do not require much effort here are a couple of ideas.

  • On internet you can find invitations in a bottle kits. This comes with a plastic bottle with a removable bottom. It contains an umbrella, sand, and other beach themed trinket. Along with this is also a scroll invitation which you can fill in with your information. It also includes a mailing box. Beach ball in a container can also be a fun option. You can write on the beach ball and put in a small plastic container. The mailing container is also attached.
  • You can also choose custom invitations in which starry nights, Titanic, luau, and hula girls can create music.

 Beach Party Games

When you are looking to organize some beach party games don’t forget to use of the natural elements on the beach for your fun. The Sun, Surf and Sun will enable make any party great fun.

  • Sandcastle contest is the most popular beach party game. This can be a hit amongst kids or adults. Just remember to instruct everyone bring whatever they need to make their own sand castle, shovels, buckets or accessories. If the surf hasn’t washed away the sandcastles you can judge the castles and award a small prize to the group that built the best out of them all.
Game for kids
  • To enable kids occupied after enjoying the great time hanging out in the pool conduct a game of career charades. Segregate the party into two groups. Let each team take turns allowing members to pull out a slip of paper from a hat with a career scribbled on it. Then these team members have to choose a career for their team and expect that someone guesses it correctly. Teams with the optimum number of correct guesses will be the winner.

Beach Party Food

Planning a menu for the Beach Party can be a really big challenge as it is the most important event of the party. To facilitate food with a homely flavor for the Beach Party, just ensure that most of the food is prepared at home so that you can have maximum fun at the beach. An important tip to enjoy the best food is that the food should be transported to the beach at a perfect temperature so that it does not get rot. You should first note down the list of menus and choose the ones that you wish to prepare for the party.

Here is a glossary of menu from which you can choose your Beach Party food.

  • Szechuan Cold Garlic Shrimp can be a good hit. For this specific dish you need to prepare it in such a manner that there is sufficient time for it to allow it chill.
  • The next recipe that you can think of is Red’s Eats Lobster Rolls.
  • Another very interesting recipe that you can add to the moods and make your Beach Party swing includes the Tomato Salad and Sweet Corn with Fresh Cilantro.
  • Another hot delicacy includes Grilled Gourmet Sausages. You can purchase the sausages from the department store and grill them on the beach and serve them with pickled peppers, grilled onions, and mustard ketchup. Ensure the sausages must be prepared on the beach.
  • Along with this awesome menu, you can serve the guests with beverages such as lemonade, ice tea, or a cold beer.

Beach Party Supplies

Do intimate your guests in advance that you are planning to use the pool or have the party at the beach so that they can carry their swimsuits. People are ought to forget their towels so always have a few extra piece for forgetful guests.

Stores nearby beaches are rare to find and you won't like to leave the surf to go find that item which you could have brought from home. Take a look at this list before your next trip, and you'll be prepared!

Sunblock: The sun's rays that are bouncing off of the surface of the water and the sand may harm your skin in terms of sun burns. The ocean breeze looks so cool that it will become simply not possible for you to realize of sunburn. Ensure all the members of the party wears sunblock, and reuse it after splashing or swimming in the ocean.

Backpack: Pack a single bag of your essentials. Keeping everything in one bag will allow you the luxury to keep a track of only one bag. Leave your wallet in your car.

Chairs: Ensure that you bring a comfortable, low slung beach chair for each adult. Kids will prefer sitting on a beach towel, but most adults prefer sitting in chairs. Search for a chair that folds completely, or comes with a carry strap to handle it easily.

Wet washcloth in a baggie: Keep a wet washcloth in a zip lock bag, and include it to your backpack. Someone will surely get sand, sunblock or saltwater, in their eyes and you can use a damp washcloth to bring them to a comfortable level of ease.

Sand Toys: A bucket and shovel are the imperative. Search for a set that comes in a variety of shapes for molding sand, and make one of the kids carry it! It is bare minimum for make it a kids beach party!

Change of clothing: Bring a dry set of clothing for every member. The back home ride will be much more comfortable if you slip into dry clothes-a wet, sandy swimsuit may leave a bad taste of the party and make even a short car trip very uncomfortable.

Bottled water: It is quite easy and natural to become dehydrated while you frolic in the waves. Freeze a few bottles of water and include it to your backpack, and you will have the facility of fresh, cool water without leaving the beach.

Waterproof camera: Pack an inexpensive, throwaway camera for your beach party pictures. Small particles of sand could make their way into your camera, and may damage its delicate parts. Hence bring along a cheap waterproof version instead to snap your photos.

Shoes: Make sure every member of your party has shoes on. Sand can turn a roasting chamber by mid afternoon, and you may have to walk a bit in the search of perfect spot to set up. Wearing shoes also safe guard your feet from broken shells and other wastes.

Beach Party Music

It's the now time to sizzle the beach with great music. A party needs some music to really set the moods on. To please a variety group of people you must have a nice collection of songs, featuring different decades and artists. Here are a few:

  • Surfin' USA - The Beach Boys
  • Splish Splash - Bobby Darin
  • Let it Rock - Kevin Rudolf
  • Summer in the City - The Lovin' Spoonful
  • Love Shack - The B-52's

All the above essentials and tips will surely transform your beach party a great fun and thrilling time which you will remembers years or may be the rest of your life.