Bananagrams Play Online

Bananagrams is also an imminently pleasing game and was designed by Rena Nathanson of Bananagrams International of Cranston, Rhode Island.

Bananagrams is a word-building game with the help of alphabets and letter tiles. Letter tiles are used to spell words.

The objective of Bananagrams is to build or construct a unique word (should not be used at least once in the game) word (letter tiles) much faster than the opponent. Bananagrams means “anagram game that will drive you bananas”! This was a family game became popular in January 2006.

There will be 144 letter tiles; each player chooses an amount from the pile. Play starts as soon as someone says "split"! Bananagrams is an enjoyable fast paced word game, playable, with easy rules. However the game is difficult enough to hold the interest of the genuine word-game fanatic.


Bananagrams is a great game to play with friends and family and will be played at a picnic, while waiting at a restaurant or after dinner. Bananagrams can be carried anywhere with ease because it does not need a board. It is a pack in an individual carrying container that looks like a banana.

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Bananagrams: The Rules

  • One of the beauties of the game of Bananagrams is the plainness and stylishness of the rules.
  • To begin the game just unzip the Bananagrams bag and put the letters out against the table. flick all of the 144 strips face-side down. They are all pressed together into a "bunch".
  • Next, each player draws a number of strips based on the number of people participating in the game. For 2-4 people, 21 tile each. For five or six players, 15 tile each.
  • For seven or eight players, have each player draw 11 tiles. As soon as all the participants have drawn their necessary number of letters, some player, any player, says, "Split!" This is the signal for the participants to begin flipping letters and creating words.
  • The words formed must attach and interconnect in a manner similar to a crossword or as is common in the game "Scrabble".
  • When a participant uses up all of his or her letters, he or she states, "Peel!" Then all the players must copy another letter.
  • Players can reshuffle their letters as often as they like, even letters they have previously placed. (If you draw a "Q" and you need a "U" that is in the center of another word, it can be pulled out as long as the resulting recombination’s eventually form words.)
  • If a letter is drawn that seems not possible to place, a player may call out "Dump!" and swap this letter for three others. No other player should take a tile on a dump.
  • Play goes on until there are fewer tiles in the group than there are number of participants. Then the first participant to use all of his or her left over letters says, pretty excitedly, "Bananas!" This participant will be the victor of the "hand" if all of his words check out.
  • All of the participants now check the "winning" hand. Each word is scrutinized for validity. A legal word is one initiate in a dictionary (the volume should be approved in advance).
  • There is no fine for demanding a player's word. If an illegal word is found in the played "hand", that player is confirmed a "rotten banana" and is out of the hand.
  • His tiles are returned to the group, and play is resumed as before.
  • Each hand may well be its own game or participants may desire to go on track of the number of hands won and play to a positive number of victories.