Bags, which are generally made from paper, cloth like leather or rexin, plastic or other materials, are used to carry things around with ease and comforts. Most of the bags, especially those made from clothes, can be closed with the help of a zipper so that its contents remain intact. Most of the bags available in the market have two handles which makes it easier to carry around. However, one can also find bags with one handle like laptop bags.

Disposable paper bags and plastic bags, which are not too costly, are generally used by people for shopping purposes. Since these bags are quite cheap, most of the shopkeepers give these bags to their customers free of cost. However, some shopkeepers do charge a nominal amount from the customers. Since plastic bags, also known as polythene bags, cannot be recycled as they are non-degradable, environmentalists are concerned about its usage. As a result, measures have been taken to restrict the use of such plastic bags and also to promote paper bags or cloth bags. Some countries have even banned the usage of plastic bags.

Purse, which is also known as hand bag, is a small bag used by women to carry different things like wallet, keys, comb or a hairbrush, make-up items like lipstick, face-wash or a moisturizer. The word 'purse' has originated from the Latin word 'bursa' which means oxhide. Then there are coin purses too in which you can keep money, visiting cards, credit cards and coins. Coin purses perform the same function as wallets.

Clutch, as the name suggests, is a small bag which is carried by women in their hands. Clutches have no handles. These bags are perfect for your evening outings when you don't want to carry your purse along and yet want to take some important things with you like money or may be a lipstick. Most of the clutches are designed for party wear. Satchel is a bag that a person can carry on his or her arm. Since it has a small handle, it cannot be carried on the shoulder. It may be used for shopping purposes. These bags are mostly made of cloth.

Duffle bags are large bags which are used while traveling. Generally made of cloth, duffle bags may have two side pockets to store things. It is also used by sportspersons to carry their sports gear. These bags are also known as traveler bags. Tote bags are medium to large bags which have two straps. These bags are used to carry things that are too large to be accommodated in a purse. Made from cloth, these bags are also used for shopping purposes.

Messenger bags, which are made from cloth, have a long strap which can be worn over one shoulder either parallel to the arms or across the chest. Also known as courier bags, messenger bags are mostly used by men for official purposes to carry important files and documents. These days, college students also use messenger bags to carry their books. Laptop bags, as the name suggests, are the bags that are used to carry laptops. Generally, laptop bags have one handle to carry by hand.

School bags are used by students to carry their textbooks and notebooks. Made of cloth, these bags have two straps to be worn on each shoulder. Sometimes, they also have a handle through which a student can hold the bag. Baby bags are used for keeping things related to children especially while traveling. They may be used to keep baby's clothing, food items and even some toys.