Bachelor Party

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His days of freedom are around the corner! Like a man in a trauma, he is strolling down the aisle towards that proverbial illuminating journey known as marriage. He has every right to commemorate his last few days of bachelorhood after all!

A bachelor party is best thrown a couple of days earlier the wedding and never a day before the wedding night. Everyone will wish to be feeling and looking his or her best in the wedding. Of course, Friday and Saturday nights are the ideal nights for enjoying a bachelor party.

Plan the Date: Plan the best date for the bachelor party while planning it almost six months in advance to ensure all the arrangements as in place.

Transportation Planning: Ensure that you have chosen a few reliable and accountable individuals to play a role of driver community when holding a bachelor party. Apart from this you can arrange for dropping everyone home safely by engaging a taxi services, or you can hire limousines to ease your nerves so long transportation aspect is concerned.

Avenue: Now the location of the bachelor party needs to be decided, whether it has to be held in a pub or restaurant or well at home. You will also need furniture which can be borrowed or rented. You will also need to choose the method of clean up for the space that you use to hold a bachelor party besides making any other specific arrangements.

Menu: Now comes the menu section to provide food and drinks for the bachelor party. The food can be supplied by a caterer or it can be a potluck party. You will need to take decision on the type of food and drinks, the quantity you will require and the time to serve!

Secret Schedule: The schedule needs to be confirmed and even kept under wraps from anyone who may not digest the secrets involved with a bachelor party and its other happenings.

Confidentiality in the bachelor party activities needs be viewed with the greatest respect, especially if you plan some special and undisclosed venues and activities. For instance, restrictions of photography may be imposed. You may also keep the bachelor party a secret affair from the bride.

Bachelor Party Activities

  • Drinking games can be appreciated by the bachelor party; which may include shots or enjoying quarters. You can search online for drinking recipes and games for enjoying alcoholic drinks.
  • Eating is always a complementary when drinking, these can be served food, or maybe something from home purposefully made for the event.
  • Dirty Jokes are normally a great fun, however, watch your company to identify what may go down well and what may not.
  • Allow the groom to open the gifts or to open the gifts to his friends if any gift is brought by someone to a bachelor party.
  • A bachelor party is the bid adieu party for a groom. Therefore, plan to enjoy a quality time while also practicing some smart safety tips. There will more than likely that at least one guy who may gossip about the party afterwards,  just keep a watch on him and give him proper warning about breaching any agreements of secrecy.
  • Some awesome day-time events to get the day a kick-start may include golfing, paintball, go-karting, or fishing. The evening celebrations might start off with a delicious dinner at a sports bar of a steakhouse.
  • After chowing-down, now it is time to illuminate the sparkling night by heading over to the hottest pubs, patios, or clubs (preferred by your group). Don’t forget to register your group on a guest list or to reserve a table with bottle service in advance.
  • To accelerate your tempo (especially when you are in the city), you might wish to hire the services of a limo for the night. Think of you and your friend resting in a lavish vehicle, sipping champagne and getting driven to all of your nightly adventures.
  • Just like all great bachelor parties, the next target avenue of fun leads to the Gentlemen’s club. You must ensure that your VIP party planner has reserved a VIP table and some extra attraction for the bachelor. Most clubs are dedicated to take your bachelor hero and present him on stage for some extra experimental embarrassment.
  • Remember that there will always be one guy in the group that will remind and insist that it's not really a bachelor party unless naked women are engaged in either a banquet hall or at a strip club. However, don't allow this person to take the decisions for rest of your group members. Make sure that you take the advice of the groom first and see how he reacts about it. Remember, he will be the one who has to face the heat of this soon to be wife if things do not fall in place. So if the groom did not agree to it, then simply let it go.
  • Sport is a source that always brings men together in a shape of a bonding ritual. You can organize golf or a soccer tournament. Remember to get confirmation from the groom because he may wish to be more cultural in his approach by incorporating older gentlemen.

Below is a list of other adventures you might opt to consider:

  • Football
  • Tennis
  • Baseball
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball

At the end of the adventure-thrilled day, sit around a bonfire and share your lively and mesmerizing stories about the groom's past memories that may include both good and bad!