Baby Shower Party

Baby Shower History

Why do people have baby showers anyway? To have a tryst with its tradition we need to go back in Victorian era, when women who just had a baby were left isolated along with the child for several months. This practice was administered to protect the baby from the probabilities of an infection by being visited by number of visitors. Our medical science wasn't as advanced back then to fight germs and could easily grip the child in its jaw.

Gradually the family members came forward to celebrate and see the new born baby. The Baby shower invitation perhaps came much later. In ancient Egypt families would gift new parents to assist them in taking care of their born baby. No shower invitations were envisioned as serious requirement at that time but they are of course of help today.

Baby Shower Invitations

When a family member or a friend makes the announcement of a new baby on its way, everyone is ecstasized. The nicest way to channel that excitement and do something very helpful for the new mom is to throw a baby shower party in her honor. The party should incorporate all of her family members and friends including father's family and his friends also. After the guest list is prepared and the baby shower invitations are delivered, everyone can gather and have an incredible time to celebrate the growing family.

Refreshments of Baby Showers Party

One idea is to prepare a special cakes baby shower for the occasion. Although buying one may seem easier, you can find some innovative ways to make the cake perfect for that specific occasion. Good possibilities include baby bottles or rocking horses. If you've not used any of the pans before, never mind. A detailed instruction, including which colored icing and which size icing tips you should use for the decorations, comes with the stuff.

Selecting Baby Shower Themes

Infusing a baby theme is one of the more modern additions and innovative ideas to the traditional shower party. Sometimes choosing a shower theme may be a challenge but keeping it simple and decent is ideal option. Selecting a color theme such as pink for a girl or blue for a boy could be simple choices or even yellow or green for the decorating purposes if the gender of the baby is yet within wrap. Many characters, real or fictional, such as ducks, chicks,’ lady bugs or tadpoles work perfect for simple themed baby showers as well!

Planning Baby Shower Events

Planning Baby Shower is the best way to make it a success and put the events and sequences in place. Lists are the awesome way to plan baby showers. Start with every activity that needs to be done; prepare the guest list, choose invitation cards, think refreshments, plan the venue, decorations and any game activities that will be organized. Sharing the tasks amongst multiple hosts can ease the proceedings of shower baby planning. Splitting the expenses of the baby party is another benefit of having multiple hosts for the party.

Choosing Baby Shower Games

As mentioned, the host is also accountable for organizing games baby showers that will keep everyone busy and entertained. Usually, the games are planned earlier to the refreshments and the gift opening. It can be a great ways to break the ice among invitees who are not familiar with each other that much. A nice baby shower game should be pertaining to babies or the parents. For example, building words from the letters in the parents names can be a good choice. Playing a matching game with characters of Disney and their parents is also not a bad idea or the guests could go for a trivia game to guess who knows about the new parents most.

Baby Showers Parties: Decorations

There are plenty of fun ways to decorate but try to make it in line with the baby shower themes you've decided. One of the popular decoration choices is the diaper cake. You can get these online to ward off the hassle of building one from the scratch. Each of the cakes should have rolled up diapers decorated with different baby accessories, such as pacifiers, bibs and teething rings. After the shower, the new parents can carry the diaper cake home and virtually use all of the elements. You can also match up the baby thank you cards with your theme.

You can even buy small plant starters at your local florist. Purchase some inexpensive pots and decorate them in a way you want (stickers, markers, wrapping papers) then plant the starters in each one of it and use them as centerpieces. These can be taken home by the guests and grown to remember the new baby.

Shopping for Your Decorating Needs

You can count on the online carts and e-shops for this. You will be ecstasized by the diverse range of baby shower decorations that await your way online. And yes, don't forget to shop for the materials and stuffs you will need for the games.

Choosing Color Motifs

Knowing what the parents are expecting a baby boy or a baby girl will simplify your selection of color manifolds. You can surely choose pink for a baby girl and blue being a baby boy. But never forget to take into consideration the Mom's taste as well. After all, you are throwing the party for the baby, and the mother is the one dealing with all the baby shower party gifts.

The Highlight of the Baby Shower Party

So what can be the highlight of the baby shower party? Of course it should be the baby shower party gifts! They are the very centre of the party. You want to congratulate the parents and welcome their baby by helping them prepare all the requisites she might need. Your baby shower party gifts are great ways of helping the parents to bear their other expenses!

Baby Shower Gifts

Diapers: New parents often underestimate the quantity of diapers that a tiny baby can soil in a day. The more handy diapers they have, the less worry they have to replenish their fast disappearing stock of diapers.

Sleep Sacks: It isn't that easy as it appears! Sleep sacks are blankets that can be worn. The sleeper sacks keep baby comfortable, warm and safe so that they (hopefully) sleep.

Burp Cloths: The best option is of course cloth diapers! Virtual cloth diapers make fabulous burp cloths as they are super-absorbent and can easily be tossed into the washer.

Nightlight: Most parents do not realize the need of this item until they're stumbling through the dark early morning to reach a crying baby. Though a nightlight isn't the perfect enticing gift, there certainly isn’t entertaining about taking a spill at 3:00 A.M.

Restaurant Gift Certificates: In the first few days of parenthood, it is normal for new parents to realize that they've missed one more meal as they've been damn busy taking caring or their ever demanding newborn. A gift certificate to a cozy restaurant that offers a take-out menu can prove to be an instant respite for busy new parents.

By these shower gifts at least you would be satisfied that you have provided a good and purposeful pack of gifts that would be put to right use by the exhausted parents.