Baby Gifts

Baby Gifts - New arrival in the family and everybody is overjoyed and enthusiastic about the new bundle of joy. His innocent looks and constant gaze has kept everyone in a tizzy. To acknowledge and welcome the little one into the family fold, you need to give some gifts to the baby who has brought so much joy and happiness to everyone around him.

Silver baby gifts like silver cup, spoon, rattle or bracelet tops the grandmother’s gift list for the baby as they are for keepsakes. The biggest advantage of these gifts is that they never go out of fashion and they can be used by future generations too.

A variety of sets are available for the newborn, which contain a matching baby suit, mittens, booties, hankies, socks, a small stuffed toy and crib sheet. Then there are others that include baby suits along with matching blanket and crib sheets. Some of them also include baby suit, feeder bottle, teether ring, rattle and bibs.

Sets containing matching sheets, blanket, pillows and side-pillows are also available in the market these days. These sets are generally available in blue (for boys) and pink (for girls) but if you are selecting gift for baby shower and you don't know the sex of the baby then select neutral colors like light green or lemon which can be used both for boy and girl.

You can also get child-friendly kits of different brands like Johnson’s and Johnson’s, Mothercare containing toiletries like soap, talcum powder, oil, cream, shampoo, moisturizer, comb and brush.

If you want to ensure that mother spends more time with her newborn instead of doing chores, you can gift a combination pack of electric bottle sterilizer and feeding bottles. This will help them save time and effort in cleaning and boiling feeding bottles after use, giving more time to mothers to develop a special bond with the baby.

A foldable special almirah for kids is also a good option as you can store the newborn's clothes and toys in it. You can also buy a baby crib or cot along with its essentials like crib lining, crib sheets and pillow. Also buy some dangling colored soft toys for the crib, which the baby can see while laying in the crib.

A baby carrier for taking the newborn for a stroll in the park or for a shopping spree in the market will help parents move about freely by tying the child in front or on the back. A car seat-cum-stroller is also a must for the newborn. These days a large variety of musical toys are available in the market, which can be placed on the crib or bed, exposing the baby to his first sounds of music, colors and movement. But make sure that these toys are not pointed or harmful for the child. Battery-operated car is also a good option that can be considered.

You can also get gift basket containing some essentials for the newborn like baby suit, crib sheet, bottle and booties, and some goodies like muffins and cookies for the overjoyed parents.

In western countries like the US, there are many children stores where you can get yourself registered and select gifts, which you want to get for your child and tell your family and friends about it so that they can select gift of their choice according to their budget. This helps not only the relatives in deciding the gift but also helps parents get the things they require for the baby.

Internet can help you in selecting gifts for babies too. If you have less time on your hands and don’t want to go through the hassle of going to different stores to select a gift, you can log on to websites like,, Here you can find the gift of your choice within your budget and send it across to the proud parents of the newborn.