Easter in Australia 2016

Easter is celebrated on the eve of resurrection of Jesus Christ after he was crucified. There are many versions and ways of celebrating Easter all across the world. On this particular day, people celebrate Easter by singing Easter hymns and cooking special Easter dishes. Jesus is glorified on this day and people sing all kinds of praises about him and his contribution. The son of god himself sitting among people and sharing his food and many other blissful things is an epitome of finding god in the simplest form of things. Australia which is in the corner of the world also celebrates Easter. There is a lot of difference in the way westerners celebrate Easter and how Easter in Australia is celebrated.

Easter in Australia

The tradition and celebrations of Easter in Australia is very different when compared to Easter in the other parts of the world. There is a lot of importance to Easter bunny in the western countries. But in Australia Easter bunny has a negative influence on the Easter celebrations. People in Australia believe that Easter bunny has a bad history of destroying crops and vegetables which led to the belief that Easter Bunny is not a good omen. In place of the Easter Bunny they have another Easter symbol which they believe in. This symbol is known as Bilby. There are many unique traditions which one can observe in Australia on the eve of Easter. Some of the following points are the unique aspects of Easter in Australia.

  • Easter is generally celebrated in summer or spring time. But in Australia, Easter is celebrated in autumn. This is due to the country lying in the southern hemisphere.

  • The colored Easter eggs are a major part of the Easter in Australia. They also have church prayers and Easter bilby.

  • ‘The Royal Easter Show’ is a grand agricultural fest which is hosted in Sydney every autumn is the special event for the Aussies. You get to see the best crop of the nation and also the finest of farm animals which come from all across the land. You can also witness fireworks in the night, loads of entertainment and activities for kids. Parades are also held so that people can witness the best of the show. Food is unlimited and you need more than one stomach to taste all of that.

  • Easter is considered to be a very traditional function. All the families get together and spend some quality time with their close family members.

  • Easter in Australia is very well known for games. One of the most popular games which are played in this country is Egg Knocking.

  • In Australia, the Easter celebration starts on Good Friday and ends on Easter Monday. They get a 4 day weekend on the Easter occasion. They have lots of other activities which are carried on this eve.

The Palm Sunday, Ash Wednesday, Lent, Maundy Thursday are all the part of Easter celebration in Australia. The beautiful land of kangaroos comes to life on this eve and celebrated the rise of life in the face of death just like how Jesus Christ has done.