Antique Jewelry

  • Jewelry has been worn by all classes and castes of inhabitants since the earliest of civilizations, and by its very nature, it is magical.
  • It signify emotion, a “lucky charm”, or to bring wealth, happiness and love. Any jewelry which is 50 years old or older is referred to as Antique Jewelry.
  • Antique Jewelry is often referred to as Vintage Jewelry also.
  • Antique Jewelry dates as far back as the Georgian Period 1714-1830, Victorian Period 1837-1900, Art and Crafts movement 1894-1923, Art Nouveau Period 1890-1915 Edwardian Period 1901-1914, Art Deco Period 1920-1935, and Retro Period 1935-1949.
Costume jewelry

Costume jewelry on the other hand is jewelry that is prepared of low-cost materials, such as:

  • metals
  • glass
  • plastic
  • mock stones

These items are generally inexpensive, and often showy.

Men's antique jewelry

Men generally wear antique jewelry made of gold and platinum with diamonds and gemstone which displays a commanding image.

The most popular accessories for men are:

  • Watches
  • necklaces
  • bracelets
  • rings
  • earrings
  • cufflinks

Above those make great additions to a man's jewelry wardrobe.

Tie clips and a set of shirt studs are also elegant options for formal dress up other than this

  • antique buttons
  • rings
  • chains
  • pendants
  • big watches etc

Above those will also add on to the persona of men.

Identifying antique jewelry
  • To assesses the value of the antique jewelery piece check the condition of the jewelry. The best way is to twist the piece over on its back.
  • One should check if there are seams which may indicate that the piece may have been altered.
  • Different strands of colored gold may indicate an alteration in the original piece.
  • One should also ask questions and the dealer is bound to answer them.
  • If buying the jewelry through a website then you should always read the terms and conditions before it.
  • If this is not readily noticeable, a good thing is to email and ask questions regarding
  • returns, refunds, mailing charges, etc.
  • Read all the material you can find on vintage, antique, estate and quality costume
  • Jewelry to know more about it.
The Three Graces
  • The Three Graces is located in Austin and with an office in Houston, Texas is a dedicated provider of rare antique jewelry and estate jewelry of different time periods.
  • The Three Graces collection offering ranges from lover’s eye and portrait miniatures, mourning and sentimental jewelry, pieces crafted from cut-steel, antique paste, and Stuart crystals, many from Spanish or Portuguese descent.
  • As well as antique diamonds such as early table, rose cuts and old-mine and antique European diamonds, emeralds, sapphires and rubies which continue to inspire.

In addition, other materials are also available, such as :

  • coral
  • jet
  • garnets
  • turquoise

Wedding and diamond engagement rings attract the most attention, as modern brides seek out a symbolism of the sentiment and tradition beyond the typical store-bought solitaire.