Antigua Carnival 2017

2017 Dates: July 28th - August 8th

Antiguan Carnival detained yearly from the month of July ending to the months of first Tuesday in August. The carnival started in 1st August, 1834. The Carnival is modernized in 1957. Antiguan Carnival is a ten-day event. Antiguan Carnival celebrated by multicolored costumes, first-rate parade, flair illustrations, and particularly better-quality music.

History of Antiguan Carnival:

In 1 August 1834, slavery is eliminated in Antigua. The slaves celebrated festivals since that time. A Trinidadian-motivated Carnival is re-established the Antiguan Carnival in 1957. Calypso musical is the oldest musical form in Antigua. In 1970s, Soca, a song formed to cheerful beats of calypso.

Antiguan Carnival Patrons on parade in Antigua

Antiguan is starting the parade from St. John's city. The participants wear the branded company T-shirts. The Antiguan Carnival will begin at 3:00 pm. The official unveiling normally comes to an end with fireworks.

Children's Carnival

The Children's Carnival pageant is put to one side so that the children actually take pleasure in the carnival revelry.

Carnival Monday and Tuesday

Antigua's carnival revels terminate on the first Monday, Tuesday in the month of August.

Antigua Carnival Costumes

The Antiguan Mas' Troupes and Groups

There are several types of musical orchestras like Vitus, Dynamics, Revellers, Myst, Showcase, Exotic, Passion, Solid Mas, Wadadli , Madness, Ali and Associates, Extreme Mas’ and Pageants are participated in the Antiguan Carnival.

Teenage Splash:

Teenage Pageant is the old name of Teenage Splash.  Only one carnival vanquisher favored as Mister and Miss Teen Splash.

Queen of Carnival

The Queen of Carnival show is the most prestigious and popular pageant title in Antigua and Barbuda is shown by the Queen of Carnival

Jaycees Caribbean Queen:

The “Jaycees Caribbean Queen show” is conducted by the Junior Chamber of Antigua and Barbuda, since 1970s.

Junior Calypso:

The Junior Calypso contest looks for carry on the Calypso art form alive in the nation's children. Junior Calypso champions are left to ‘Calypso Monarch’ contest.

Party Monarch:

Party Monarch was fascinated more than 11000 participants in 2007, 9000 participants participated in 2008. The participants resonates the Soca songs.


The Antigua's authorized Steel Pan competition called Panorama. Panorama has formed Steel Pan and Orchestras.

Unauthorized Carnival Events:

In the Antiguan Carnival period, the Carnival Development Committee deliberated unauthorized Carnival events. The troupe has been dressed up with Blue Jeans, White Fete and Red Eye.

The Lions Club of Antigua is conducted "Lions Den" by the typical carnival "jam".

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