Anniversary Gift Ideas

Anniversary means “turning yearly” or simply anniversary is a day when we memorialize and celebrate a past event that has taken place on the same day in the previous year or few years back. The most important types of anniversaries are birthday, wedding anniversary, and death anniversary. Wedding anniversary is the second most important type of anniversary after the birthday. The practice of celebrating wedding anniversaries have been recorded even from the middle age.The couple usually celebrates it grandly with their family, friends and other relatives.  

As per the information available at the Chicago Public Library, there are particular themes for the gift to be presented on each anniversary. These traditional gift themes are different from that of modern gift theme. Let us have a look on it:

1st Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: PAPER- The traditional gift suitable for 1st anniversary is “paper” so you can gift photographs, paintings, posters, calendar, favorite book, paper game boards or puzzles, love letter, movie ticket

Modern gift: CLOCK- you can gift antique clock, an alarm clock, cuckoo clock, wall clock, decorative clock etc.

2nd Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: COTTON- The traditional gift for 2nd anniversary is “Cotton’ so you can gift cotton clothing of favorite color, pretty table clothes, bath towels, bed sheets and bedspreads, pillow, hand kerchiefs, mats, carpets etc.

Modern gift: CHINA- you can gift china dishes, china jewelries like necklace, bracelet, earrings, brooch etc. and other china gifts like tea put, mugs, candle holder, pots etc.

3rd Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: LEATHER- You can gift leather shoes, leather bags, leather wallets, leather jacket, leather belt, leather brief case, leather back pack, leather gloves etc.

Modern gift: CRYSTAL- You can gift crystal vases, crystal prism, crystal candy dish, crystal tumbler, mirrors etc.

4th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: FRUIT OR FLOWERS- The traditional gift for the 4th anniversary is “Fruits and Flowers” so you can gift a bouquet of beautifully arranged flowers, red roses, flower bud vase, fruit baskets, flowing indoor plants, flowering out door plants etc.

Modern gift: APPLIANCES- you can gift house hold appliances like  microwave oven, blender, juice maker, rice cooker, air conditioner, sewing machines, dish washers etc, and other beautyappliances like hair ironer, bath spa etc. 

5th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: WOOD- As the traditional gift suitable is “Wood” ,you can gift wooden decorative items, wooden furniture, wooden mugs, tumblers and dishes, fire woods, bonsai plants, perfumes with woody fragrance, wood cravings etc.

Modern gift: SILVERWARE- You can gift silver candle holder, silver jewelries, silver kitchen wares like tray, spoon, fork, knife, bowl etc.

6th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: TIN- You can gift pans, trays, funnels etc.

Modern gift: WOOD- You can gift wooden statues, wooden dishes, wooden coffee mugs, candles with woody fragrance etc.

7th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: WOOL OR COPPER- As the traditional gift suitable for 7th anniversary is “Wool or Copper”, you can gift a copper flower vase, copper water fountain, copper jewelry, woolen blankets, sweater, scarf etc.

Modern gift: DESK SETS- You can gift a table top alarm, globe, pen holder, paper weight, letter opener, paper clip trays etc.

8th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: BRONZE – you can gift bronze wares like coin, decorative show pieces etc.

Modern gift: LINEN- You can gift linen clothing, linen table cloth, wall hangings etc.

9th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: POTTERY- You can gift beautiful antique or modern pottery.

Modern gift: LEATHER- You can gift leather items like shoes, wall hangings, bags, jackets etc.

10th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: TIN OR ALUMINUM- Gifts like Tin containers to store food items, aluminum tray, candle holder, vase etc can be gifted.

Modern gift: DIAMOND JEWELRY- Diamond jewelries like rings, necklace, pendants, ear rings, bracelets, cufflinks, money clip etc. can be given as anniversary gift

15th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: CRYSTAL- Crystal wares like mirror, decorative show pieces etc. can be given on 15th wedding anniversary.

Modern gift: WATCH- On 15th anniversary watch is the perfect gift to be given. You can choose the type of watch of the latest trend.

20th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: CHINA- On 20th anniversary you can gift china dishes, china ceramic show pieces, photo frames etc.

Modern gift: PLATINUM- You can gift platinum jewelries like rings, ear rings, necklace, bracelets etc. as the 20th wedding anniversary gift.

25th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift and Modern gift: SILVER- on 25th wedding anniversary silver items are the best gift to be given. You can gift silver wares like photo frame, candy dishes, candle holder or silver jewelries like bracelets, earrings, chains etc.

30th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift: PEARL- Traditional gift for 30th anniversary is pearl so pearl necklace, pearl earring or other pearl jewelries make up the gift.

Modern gift: DIOMOND- On 30th anniversary diamond necklace, diamond watches, diamond bangles etc. are the perfect gift to be given.

40th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift and Modern gift: RUBY- The precious stone ruby is the gift suitable for the 40th anniversary.

50th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift and Modern gift: GOLD- Gold is the traditional and modern gift suitable to be gifted on the 50th wedding anniversary. Gold can be given in the form of jewelries like bangles, rings, chains etc.

75th Wedding Anniversary:

Traditional gift and Modern gift: GOLD OR DIAMOND- The perfect traditional and modern gift for 75th anniversary is diamonds, diamond like precious stones and gold.

100th Wedding Anniversary:

Modern gift: 10K DIAMOND- The most perfect gift to be given on the 100th anniversary is the 10K diamond. You can gift it in the form of jewelries.