Anime Expo 2016 History

To understand why the Anime Expo is so popular around the world, take a look at the different media – Anime and Manga. Originally art forms from Japan, they are quite different from each other. One story could have both versions.

Anime are cartoons and available for viewing on TV and also as videos. Manga (also read as whimsical drawings) are comics too but mostly black and white. They can be the basis for Anime. Not every Anime series is made from Manga and most Manga remain just that – comics. While Anime requires a large group of people, Manga require a very small team. Manga can be found in Korea and China. There are English language versions of Manga as well.

Anime Expo 2016 Event Dates:

July 1st - 4th 2016 at Los Angeles Convention Center.

Getting to the event:

Anime Expo 2016 registration can be done at the official website. Information on the different tickets is available here as well. Premier fan badges, prices at $225 are in high demand and sell out pretty fast.i

All about the Manga Expo:

Anime Expo (AX) is a convention that promotes this unique subculture in the US. Many enthusiasts participate in this 4 day annual event which is held in Los Angeles. It is usually hosted on the 4th of July weekend. It can easily be called the largest convention of its kind in North America. Hosted by the Society for the Promotion of Japanese Animation, the Anime Expo offers fans the opportunity to meet famous guests and also watch premieres of many events.

What to expect:

Some popular events that one can check out during this action packed weekend are:

  • Music Concerts with evens like Para Para 101, K Pop and J Pop Dance, Late Night Theme dances
  • Movie screenings
  • Artist Alley at the Anime Expo is a fantastic venue for amateur and semi-professional artists to showcase their work. Check out their artwork, clothing and other related crafts
  • The AX Maid Café
  • Lounge 21 is a great place to relax with a drink and listen to upcoming artists like Chii Sakurabi
  • The Masquerade is a place to see fans from around the world dressed in glorious costumes