Alternative Health Care

Alternative practices are untested, non traditional and non scientific. They are based on traditional beliefs. All alternative treatments are not beneficial some may on the other hand be highly threatening. The results of alternative medicines are best seen when they are used in association with the conventional medicines. In that case it can be called as complementary medicine.Generally, insurance companies don't cover alternative medicines.

There are different kinds of alternative health care practices like aroma therapy, acupuncture, naturopathy, herbal medicines, Noni, reflexology, magnet therapy, massage therapy, yoga, Reiki to name a few.

Most of the therapies include vegetarian diet, meditation, yoga, breathing exercises and general physical exercises. These days, shark cartilages and bones are used for the treatment of cancer, pollen grains are used for allergies and abacus is used for brain development.

Generally, the alternative medicines don't have side effects, which are caused by the allopathic and traditional treatments. That is the only and the chief reason to be trusted by millions of people worldwide. There is the fear of surgery and its side effects make people fearful, so people adapt to alternative health care if the disease is not serious as these treatments are less risky and harmless.

Alternative medicines are good in certain cases but at times may pose serious danger to life hence they should not be solely dependent upon but can always be taken along with appropriate treatment of the illness.

Alternative therapies may most of the times involve exercise, which is almost equally important like food and water to keep the body intact. Different types of exercises involve cycling, jogging, walking, dancing, swimming, aerobics as well as meditation or yoga. And even if there is no illness undertaking these exercises keeps the body fit and fine.

So it should be made a part of the daily routine and this helps living longer. For kids as well as for everybody even playing is the best exercise and kids should be encouraged to take outdoor games as a part of their daily activity. These exercises pump blood to the heart and when the heart is fine the whole body feels stress free and relaxed and hence when rejuvenated can undertake the regular activities better.

Weightlifting should be taken as a regular exercise as it assists cardiovascular activities. It may assist in losing weight to great extent.

If a few changes are made in the daily routine then life becomes light and one can breathe a longer life. Instead of three heavy meals daily one should take six smaller meals which may include a breakfast, lunch and dinner with fast food and snacks in between. Eating something every two hours keeps you fresh and you never feel lazy to work.

Instead if you take a heavy meal you would feel drowsy which wouldn't keep you in a full spirit to work. The snacks should not be full of butter or cheese which one would generally consider but should be healthy like fruits, nuts, biscuits and coffee. But again higher amount of tea or coffee should be avoided. These smaller meals should be well planned and it does not mean one should keep taking meals the whole day round, but healthy food would surely do better. This helps your body burn the calories properly so the metabolism of the body stays fine.

Drinking water the whole day round even if you are not thirsty is again essential for the bodily activities. While exercising and undertaking other activities lot of water is lost from the body. Again in illness like dehydration and vomiting a lot of water is lost. To make up for these losses, regular intake of water does you good. According to the doctors eight glasses of water must be taken daily. It reduces troubles like constipation and headaches.

Water helps in eliminating the waste from the body easily, it aids in transportation of food and glucose to the different organs of the body. If these alternative therapies are adopted one can stay healthy and work better.