Academic Calendar 2016

Going to college is an exciting adventure whether you are newly out of high school or an older student returning to school to increase your knowledge. Whatever the case may be for you, make sure to utilize the academic calendar for your chosen college or university. It is almost impossible to successfully navigate the seemingly complex that are placed on you in any other way.

What is Academic Calendar For?

The academic calendar puts into writing the deadlines and scheduled events that you are expected to know. Information on an academic calendar usually includes but is not necessarily limited to:

  • When classes begin
  • When web registration begins
  • When registration ends
  • When late registration begins
  • When the last day to add a class is
  • When midterms occur
  • When regular classes end
  • When "dead week" is
  • When finals are scheduled

How do I get Academic Calendar?

Most universities and colleges include the academic calendar in the registration booklets. It is usually also available in the master course catalog for your given major. If all else fails, turn to the web. Your university or college's website should have the academic calendar readily available for you there. That way you can always glance at it or even print off a new copy of it whenever you need to.

What is the Best Way to Utilize Academic Calendar?

As a college student, it is expected that you are self sufficient, responsible, and driven from within. There is not someone that is going to hold your hand and make sure that you are in compliance with every single deadline that is expected. It is best to efficiently keep track of all dates and expectations yourself.

It is a very good idea to use some kind of planning tool to help. This makes sense since it is next to impossible to keep everything straight using just the memory that you have in your head. Even if you do have a remarkable memory, why run any chance with your ability to be successful for the rest of your life? Instead, you might choose to use

  • a planner
  • a desk calendar
  • a palm pilot
  • a scheduler on your laptop
  • a cell phone with a calendar device

All of these possibilities are easily utilized, and most of them are easily transportable so that you can carry it with you at all times. Most people like one that can easily go anywhere so that they can keep track of class assignments and deadlines as well.

Just Do It

Now that you have accessed the academic calendar and have made sure to make note the important dates using some kind of planning device, your job is still not finished. Just having the dates noted is not enough. Make sure to daily go over your calendar so that a deadline or an expectation does not slip by you. By resolving to do this you will increase your chances of being a highly successful college student.