Christmas Flowers for Wishes & Greetings

Flowers when used in decorations bring attraction to the place and their fragrance, make the surrounding places divine. So the flowers used in the festival decorations have much importance, in the same way flowers used in the Christmas have become popular. On the occasion of Christmas, flowers are one of the best gifts that are given to each other while greeting.

 Christmas Flowers History

On the eve of Christmas, flowers are used in table arrangements as well as decorations to bring more delight to the festival. Flowers are mostly used in wreaths, table arrangements, boquets and many more.  Though there are many flowers only some of them have more importance in the celebrations of Christmas such as Poinsettia, Christmas Rose, Ivy Leaves, Holly, Christmas Cactus, Mistloe. 


Poinsettia is one of the flower that is being used in the celebrations of Christmas and is well known as Christmas Flowers. There are various stories regarding Poisettia as a Christmas flower. Poinsettia is the flower discovered by the first US Ambassador to Mexico Mr. Joel Roberts Poinsett, who has been appointed by the President John Quincy Adams. In the book 'Conquest of Mexico', published by Mr. Prescott as detailed the discovery of the Poinsettia by Joel Poinsett. Ecke Family residents of Southern California as popularized Poinsettia the Christmas flower  by growing them in landscapes and from then they are grown in Green Houses. Now United States is the leading producer of these Christmas Flowers.

Christmas Rose

Christmas Rose is another famous Christmas Flower that is used in the decorations. Though this is not exactly a rose but it is recognized as Christmas Rose. This is a small poisonous perennial herb which belongs to Butter Cup family. There are several stories attached with this flower for its recognition as Christmas flower.

Christmas Cactus

Christmas Cactus is grown in the high elevations of the states of Rio de Jenerio, Brazil and South America and are well known as Christmas Cactus or Easter Cactus or Thanksgiving Cactus. The specialty of these flowers is that they open in the morning and close in the evening. 

All these are special flowers which have much importance in the celebrations of Christmas from the years. These flowers play special role in the decorations of Christmas. v