When Was the Kyoto Protocol Held?

When we trace back the history of the Kyoto protocol, we can identify the milestone year to be 1992, when the UN Conference on Environment and Development was held in Rio de Janeiro. It was in this conference, the Framework Convention on Climate Change (FCCC) was introduced. In 1992, 154 countries signed the FCCC, which produced the Kyoto Protocol later.

On December 11, 1997, in the third Conferences of the Parties (COPs), held in Kyoto, Japan the Kyoto protocol was adopted initially. The previous two conferences were held in Berlin and Geneva. In 1997, the protocol was prepared by the member countries. Eight years after it was initially negotiated, the Kyoto protocol was implemented on February 16, 2005. It was on this day that Russia became the 55th member to ratify the protocol, causing it to be brought into effect.