What Is India's Position on The Kyoto Protocol

India signed and ratified the Kyoto protocol, which had its target period from 2008-2012. India, along with China and other developing countries were classified under “non-annex-1”, meaning they did not have any set of targets to reduce the emissions. They even had the provision to increase the emission level if that is required for their development.

With the Kyoto protocol reaching its expiry in 2012, discussions were held in the Dublin conference in October 2012. The European Union wanted the developing countries such as India and China to ratify the second term of the Kyoto protocol under Annex-1. However, India has not given a concrete answer yet. India would try to go with the second commitment period as an Annex-1 country (developed country). However, India is not willing to support any new agreement or treaty that has reductions for developing nations.