What if there is no Agreement to the Kyoto Protocol?

Kyoto protocol, since its initiation in 1997, has received mixed responses. Over the years, the results of its implementation were also varied. Some of the ratified states have been successful in reducing the emissions largely of their target, while some have ended up increasing the level of emission. Overall, the progress has been slow, while the level of emissions has skyrocketed.

Given its history and performance, the Kyoto protocol has been branded a failure. This gives rise to the big question of what is next, as the protocol reaches its expiry in 2012. If after the Doha conference, the Kyoto protocol receives no agreement, then it will lapse. There will no longer be any legal obligation for the ratified countries to reduce the level of emissions. Moreover, the global carbon trading schemes will no longer have any legal foundation.If a new negotiation is introduced, it will have a time lapse before it is ratified. Hence, the state of the Kyoto protocol is a huge global political issue at present.