What are the Terms of The Kyoto Protocol?

The important terms of the Kyoto protocol are as follows:

  • The industrialized countries signed the negotiation that mandates the signatories to take all the required measures to decrease the level of greenhouse gases emitted in the atmosphere.
  • The target reduction level is 5.2% below the 1990 level.
  • The target period is 2008-2012.
  • Individually the member states have different target percentages: some lower than 5.2%, some higher and some are even allowed to increase the level of emissions.
  • The methods used to effect the reduction can qualify for credits and allowances. Country groups are allowed to have aggregate targets; credits are allowed for land-clearing and creating greenhouse sinks.
  • The protocol covers 6 greenhouse gases.
  • The developing countries were not set any specific targets. Developed countries have credits allocated for funding developing countries in this mission.