Web2.0 Rhea Eclipses Search in UK

Official statistical figures are out to prove the fact that internet users in the UK are actually more interested and inclined in indulging about themselves on social networking sites than probably spending time in learning about the world and happenings in the universe.

According to data available on the weblog Hitwise, for the first time in internet history, in the month of May this year alone, social networking sites attracted about 11.88 percent of Internet traffic compared to the 11.33 percent of search engines.

The data difference is not a great one but social networking sites seem to show great signs of improvement.

The phenomenal Facebook is the biggest and most popular social networking site making others pale into comparison. In the UK alone, the fan following has gone up by 55 percent. Orkut statistics is nowhere close to this. The other figures are not worth mentioning – Youtube at 16.5 percent, Twitter at 2 percent and eye-catching ones like Bebo and MySpace are barely above 1 percent.

If Facebook takes the cake in social networking, Google is its bigger counterpart in search. Facebook has not yet found its foothold in the UK market like the giant search engine. The combined statistics of google.co.uk at 87.8 percent and google.com at 3.9 percent make it the most used search engine - every 9 out of 10 searches in the month if May alone. It’s Google all the way! Where does that leave Microsoft’s baby Bing – at 3 percent in the UK?

Of course, there are divided opinions on the disadvantages and impact of virtual networking on the quality of life and culture but there is still solace that search will continue to be the leader in the internet market. We have to see how long this social networking trend runs and if it can stay ahead, if at all