Types of Sciences

Natural Sciences

Cosmology  Planetary science 
Galactic astronomy  Stellar astronomy
Planetary geology  Sun
Anatomy   Genetics (Intro) 
Astrobiology   Gerontology
Biochemistry  Immunology
Bioengineering Limnology
Bioethics  Marine biology
Biogeography  Mathematical biology 
Bioinformatics  Microbiology 
Biophysics Molecular biology 
Biopsychology Neuroscience 
Biotechnology  Paleontology 
Botany  Parasitology 
Cell biology Physiology 
Cryobiology  Radiobiology 
Developmental biology Soil biology 
Ecology Biostatistics 
Ethnobiology  Theoretical biology  
Evolutionary biology (Intro)  Toxicology 
Forestry  Zoology
Acid-base reaction theories   Medicinal chemistry  
Alchemy   Metallurgy  
Analytical chemistry  Molecular physics 
Astrochemistry   Nuclear chemistry 
Biochemistry  Organic chemistry 
Crystallography   Photochemistry 
Chemical engineering Physical chemistry  
Environmental chemistry  Radiochemistry  
Food science   Solid-state chemistry 
Geochemistry   Stereochemistry 
Green chemistry   Supramolecular chemistry  
Inorganic chemistry   Surface chemistry 
Materials science   Theoretical chemistry
Earth sciences
Atmospheric sciences  Hydrology 
Ecology   Limnology  
Environmental science   Oceanography 
Geodesy   Paleoclimatology  
Geography   Palynology 
Geology   Physical 
Geomorphology   geography 
Geophysics   Soil science  
Glaciology   Space science
Applied physics   Solid mechanics 
Atomic  Computational physics  Theoretical physics  
Condensed matter physics   Thermodynamics   
Experimental physics   Entropy 
Mechanics   General relativity 
Particle physics   M-theory 
Plasma physics   Special relativity
Quantum mechanics (Intro)  

Behavioural Sciences

Psychology: Social psychology

Applied Sciences

Computer science
Software Engineering  Genetic Engineering  
Agricultural Engineering   Industrial Engineering
Biomedical Engineering   Mechanical engineering
Chemical Engineering Military Engineering  
Civil Engineering   Mining Engineering  
Computer Engineering  Nuclear Engineering  
Electrical Engineering  Test Engineering
Fire Protection Engineering    
Health sciences
Bioengineering Nursing
Dentistry Pharmacy 
Epidemiology  Social work 
Healthcare  Veterinary medicine

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