Thought Experiments

Science Experiments

Thought experiments
Thought experiment Maxwell's demon
Brain in a vat The Monkey and the Hunter
Brainstorm machine N-universes
Brownian ratchet Newcomb's paradox
Bucket argument Newton's cannonball
Changing places Original position
China brain Pascal's Wager
Chinese room Philosophical zombie
Coherence (philosophical gambling strategy) Prisoner's dilemma
Dream argument Quantum pseudo-telepathy
EPR paradox Quantum suicide and immortality
Elitzur–Vaidman bomb-tester Quantum tic tac toe
Evil daemon Quasi-empirical method
The Experience Machine Renninger negative-result experiment
Feynman sprinkler Retrocausality
Galileo's ship Schrödinger's cat
Heisenberg's microscope Simulated reality
Infinite monkey theorem Simulation hypothesis
Interaction-free measurement Simulism
Inverted spectrum Sphere-world
Kavka's toxin puzzle Swampman
Ladder paradox Ticking time bomb scenario
The Lady, or the Tiger? Twin Earth thought experiment
Laplace's demon Twin paradox
Levinthal paradox Wheeler's delayed choice experiment
Rudolf Lingens Wigner's friend
Martian scientist Wittgenstein's rod
Mary's room