Social Science

The social sciences spotlights on our life with other people in groups. It includes the various disciplines like anthropology, economics, geography, history, political science, sociology, social psychology, criminology, and the science of law. Some scholars also consider education, ethics, and philosophy as social sciences.

Natural science: Natural science refers to those sciences which can be proven by experiments that are performed in laboratories. It includes the science of Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Astronomy and various other disciplines.

Association of social science to natural science : Scholars in the social sciences have created certain customs of studying people and their institutions. Generally these scholars have inherited from the natural sciences the methods they use to describe and explain the observed behaviour of human society. Their observations, comments and explanations of the promptness of human behaviour lead scholars in the social sciences to form hypotheses and opinions and then to test the validity and viability of these hypotheses.

Humanities: Humanities is a science of looking at our world which emphasizes the importance of human beings--their characters and their position in the cosmos. It is basically a study of human being and his stimuli to various situations of the world.

Association of social science to humanities: The interdependence of the social sciences and the humanities is significant. In a social science, the researcher must think the fundamental values and principles of a society, which are stated by the scholars of the humanities.

For example, suppose a political scientist needs to decide logically whether an authoritarian or a spokesperson kind of political organization and control would best hand round a particular group of people. The scholar must first gain knowledge of the significance the society attaches to such values and principles as the right of the individual to be different with authority, or to have an influence in policy and laws. Then the main beliefs that guide its political action can be evaluated.

Social Science Careers: Social Science actually comprises of various discipline like anthropology, economics, education, political science, law, geography etc as such there is always a wide choice of a career options one can opt for his future depending upon the discipline of the specialization.

Besides being a regular research worker for the development and advancement of the discipline, there are various opportunities for the students of all the discipline of the subject.

  • One who has specialized in anthropology can make his mark as anthropologists, archaeologists, historians and even as geologists in various government offices.
  • One who has specialized in law can look up for a career as a lawyer and legal consultant in corporate houses and law firms.
  • One who has specialized in economics can make his career as a economist and economic consultant in production houses.
  • One who has specialized in linguistics can make his career as linguist for translating various documents.
  • One who has specialized in education can make his career as a teacher or professor for imparting education

Similarly there are various career opportunities in almost all the discipline social science.

Social Science Jobs: Expert candidates of various fields and disciplines of social science are mostly employed with the government organizations. They can also practice their discipline and are often demanded by the corporate and production houses.

Social Science Courses: There are various graduate and post graduate courses in various disciplines of social science offered by the institutions round the globe. There are also online courses available over the web which one can pursue sitting in the home. Some of the famous social science courses of the various disciplines are as follows:

  • Masters in Biological Anthropology
  • Bachelor in Science [ Criminology]
  • Masters in Roots of Human Behavior
  • Masters in Public Policy and Administration
  • Masters in Life Care Planning
  • Masters in Social Work
  • Masters in Science [Psychology - Counseling]
  • Masters in Science [Psychology - Criminal Behavior]

Similarly there are various courses which one can go for according to his desire.