Science Festival

Science Festival History:

The first Science Festival (Annual meeting about the development of Science for society) was hosted by The British Association for the Advancement in 1831. The Science Festival basically refers to a discussion forum for scientists, later on recognized as an open platform of science. The oldest science festival in the modern era, the Edinburgh International Science Festival was initially conducted in 1988.

The science organizations and financial supporters have conducted science festivals for public to understand the importance of science and its organs. Today we have seen a lot of new science festivals. An umbrella organization founded European science festivals and equivalent events take place in the European Science Event Association since 2002.

The US has been a late comer to conduct the regular new science festivals. The US declared in the annual conference of the ‘American Association for the Advancement of Science’, that it will host the several public events.

The only science festival (known as physics festival), "Mastering the Mysteries of the Universe", was held in Atlanta, Georgia, in 1999 on ‘American Physical Society’ anniversary.

The SciTech festival has been occurred in Pittsburgh in the year 2004. The festival was renamed as the ‘SciTech Spectacular’ in 2005.

Both the Cambridge and the Massachusetts were the organizations to host ‘the Cambridge Science Festival’, as the large-scale new science festival, in April 2007.

The ‘World Science Festival’ was held in New York City at the end of May 2008.

In the year 2009, ‘The San Diego Science Festival’ which was the first west coast science festival held in San Diego.

Science Festival Environment:

Science Festivals will be organized at a wider range every year. Above 174,000 visitors participated in the 2006 British Association Festival of Science, which was held during in the month of September (2nd – 9th) in Norwich, England.

Science Festival Events:

A science festival is a social event. The event features a sort of science and technology allied activities from lectures, exhibitions, workshops, live demonstrations of experiments, theatre plays, readings and musical productions. A few science festivals can be held once a year.

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