Science Fair

A science fair is an assortment of display of various science projects; each one of which reveals the use of the scientific method to look into a scientific observable facts, phenomenon, principles, developments or laboratory process. Science Fair is a chance for participants to present their science and technology projects to the general public and to receive acknowledgment and recognition for their efforts. It cheers and encourages the participants to carry out research to find the answer to a question, as opposite to arranging displays of existing objects. A Science Fair raises the participants' understanding of science and its importance and significance in every day life.


Science Fair Display Board

Science fair display board is nothing but actually a display of title, an intention statement, a hypothesis of the project, the process; data/results charts, graphs, analysis and a conclusion. The secrets of a good science fair display board are unfussiness and simplicity, lucidity and neatness. One has to ensure that the judges can understand and recognize the premise and hypothesis, experiment and conclusions quickly and easily. The whole thing must be neat, well thought out and should be lined up well. Participant should avoid sloppy work, crossed out words, erasure marks, pictures falling off, etc. And one should check spelling of the content on board thoroughly.

Science Fair Steps and Procedure

Organizing a science fair on an elementary scale is quite simple and easy. Commonly an elementary science fair is organized in schools and colleges by the combined efforts of students and teaching staff. Students develop and make their science fair projects and exhibit them in the fair.

Organizing an international science fair is a bit intricate as compared to its elementary counterpart. The organizers have to take the permission of the local government for organizing an international science fair. Usually top notch scientists and science students at leading research institutes participate in an international science fair.

Following are some of the main steps involved in organizing any sort of science fair.

  • 1. Selecting a proper day and time for a fair. It should be so decided in order to ensure the maximum public participation.
  • 2. Selecting a proper place for the fair.
  • 3. Emphasis should be made on including new science projects in the fair.
  • 4. There should be a proper arrangement of critics and judges.

Science Fair Projects:

The subject and theme of science fairs ranges through almost all the branches of natural science; right from chemical science to biology to rocket science.

Some science projects are quite easy and simple to prepare and present. They usually include the basic phenomena of science. On the other side, some science projects which involve higher principles of science are often difficult to prepare.

The steps involved in preparing a science fair project are as follows.

1.Selecting a topic.

First of all it is essential to select a topic for a science fair project. One should choose the topic according to the area and subject of his interest. He should keep in mind the availability of the required materials and the cost of the whole project.

2.Purpose of the project

Developer of the project should be clear in the terms of the purpose of the project he is making He should be aware of what his project must fulfill after its completion.

3.Making a hypothesis

Developer should then make a hypothesis of the project. It is an idea about a solution to a problem that is based on knowledge and research.

4.Deciding a procedure.

Developer should then decide a procedure of the experiment before actually going for the experiment. He should be aware of all the steps involved in the creation of the project or experiment.


This is the most important step in the whole journey. Developer should carefully experiment the project practically and should record all the key observations and results of the experiment.

6.Drawing up a conclusion

This is the last step of the whole project. Developer must be aware of the conclusion one can arrive through the hypothesis and the experiment.

Some of the well known science projects include the experiments of electro magnet, turning waste into usable energy etc.

Date Event Location Winners Experiment Highlights People/Organization involved
10-May-09 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair 2009 RenoNeveda,United States More Details to come More Details to come Millions of Science fair Participants are participating this year. More than 50 countries Participating in this fair.
2-Apr-09 Bresnahan Science Fair 2009 Bresnahan School cafeteria,Essex County, Massachusetts, United States More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come
2-Apr-09 Prince Edward Island (PEI) Chi-Wan Young Canada Games sports centre on the UPEI campus.   More Details to come More Details to come Prince Edward Island Sends Projects to Canada Wide Science Fair (CWSF) these students have chance to compete with students of canada. More Details to come
21-Mar-09 Jersey Shore Science Fair(JSSF)   Richard Stockton College of New Jersey USA More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come
21-Mar-09 Santa Cruz County Science Fair Santa Cruz Civic Auditorium, California, United States More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come
11-Mar-09 San Diego Science Festival(SDSF) 2009 Del Mar Fairgrounds,San Diego More Details to come More Details to come First West Coast Festival will be hosted by the San Diego. Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS) Foundation is Taking part in this event.Spoonsors- Joan Evangelou and Bea Hadinger, Co-Presidents, ARCS Foundation Japan, South Korea, Singapore, America are one of the participants.
Saturday,21-feb-2009 Northeast Regional Science Fair  East Carolina University,Greenville, NC More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come

from schools in every county in Northeast Region

22-Jan-09 Ottawa Science Olympiad 2009 University of Ottawa, United States More Details to come More Details to come University of Ottawa Science Students Association would like to warmly invite the Neuroscience Society of Carleton University to the Annual Ottawa Science Olympiad. More Details to come
19-Nov-08 Science fair attracts young learners Jakarta Post, Indonesia Jeff Nanney, Plano East An experiment with fermented carrots with one goal in mind: to create a healthy, appetizing snack for Indonesian children, and secure a spot in the third annual science fair over the weekend. Bagus' group, which brought along cooking utensils.Their ready to eat carrot chips, got the junior high school prize for this project. Denpasar's State Junior High School, Bagus Gloria Kasuma Pradana and his friends.
19-26 Sep-08 European Union Contest for Young Scientists Copenhagen, Denmark Teleri Edwards (United Kingdom) F.L.A.S.H - Five laser accentuated security holder    
      Julien Bellot, Robin Oswald and Lucien Segessemann (Switzerland) "Simulation, construction and optimisation of an unmanned aerial vehicle based on the Coanda effect    
      Christoph Wiesinger(Austria) Sensor for organic residues on aluminium surfaces    
11-17-May-2008 Intel International Science and Engineering Fair (ISEF) Atlanta, Georgia Natalie Saranga Omattage of Cleveland A more efficient and less expensive way to screen for food additive contaminants based on quartz crystal microbalance (QCM) was developed by omattage. Intel Foundation today awarded three $50,000 college scholarships 1,550 young scientists participated from 51 countries, regions and territories for their commitment to innovation and science
      Miss., Sana Raoof of Muttontown,N.Y. Computation of the Alexander-Conway Polynomial on the Chord Diagrams of Singular Knots  
      Yi-Han Su of Chinese Taipei Efficient Hydrogen Production Using Cu-Zn-Al Catalysts Prepared by Homogeneous Precipitation Method
19-May-08 Canada-Wide Science Fair (CWSF) Ottawa, Ontario, J17V The Future of Recycling Plastics Jessica Zhang and Jonathen Chen - University Transition Program   approximately 25,000 competitors at regional science and technology fairs
19-20-May-08 California State Science Fair Los Angeles Memorial Sports Arena Mackenzie Spencer On Zoology State meeting in competition for awards totaling over $60,000 953 participants from 359 schools
3-May-08 Massachusetts State Science Fair(MSSEF) Massachusetts Institute of Technology sophomore at Boston Latin High School How Worms Learn. 15 year old sophomore at Boston Latin High School, won at the 2008 Massachusetts State Science and Engineering Fair (MSSEF)
15-16-feb-2008 Twin Cities Regional Science Fair (TCRSF) Miranda Harincar Measuring Lunar Mountains In My Back Yard   Students from Hennepin, Ramsey, Washington, and Dakota Counties who are in grades 6-12 are invited to participate
      Joshua Potvin Spectroscope     
22-25 Jan-2008 21st Western India Science Fair  Nehru Science Centre, Mumbai, India More Details to come More Details to come More Details to come Around 2000 students Participating in this fair
11-Jan-08 BT Young Scientist and Technology Exhibition Dublin, Ireland Emer Jones from Presentation Secondary School, Tralee Research and Development of Emergency Sandbag Shelters Her price was a cheque for €5,000, a Waterford Crystal trophy 1,416 entries for the 2008 contest