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psychologists name During Nationality Known for 
Abraham Maslow   1908-1970 United States Hierarchy of Needs
Alfred Adler 1870-1937  Austrian Individual Psychology
Albert Bandura 1925 United States work on familial antecedents of social behavior
Carl Rogers 1902-1987 United States The Person-centered approach
David Hume 1711-1776 Scotland Notable ideas Problem of causation
E. Thorndike - Connectionism  1874-1949 United States Father of modern educational psychology
Elizabeth Loftus 1944 United States Studies of human memory
Franz Anton Mesmer 1734-1815 German animal magnetism
Frederick Perls 1893-1970 German He coined the term 'Gestalt Therapy' for the approach to therapy
George Herbert Meade 1863-1931 United States regarded as one of the founders of social psychology.
Hans J. Eysenck 1916-1997 German Eysenck's model of personality
James Braid 1795-1860 Scottish influential pioneer of hypnotism and hypnotherapy
Judith Rich Harris  1938 United States the author of The Nurture Assumption
Rollo May  1909-1994 United States founder and faculty member of Saybrook Graduate School
Rotter - Kulian B. 1916 United States social learning theory
Thurstone, L. L 1887-1955 United States Multiple Factor Analysis