Physicists List

physicists Name During Nationality Known for Invention of 
William Gilbert  1544-1603 England hypothesized that the Earth is a giant magnet
Galileo Galilei  1564-1642 Italy discovered mountains and craters on the moon
Willebrod Snell  1580-1626 Dutch  discovered law of refraction (Snell's law)
Blaise Pascal  1623-1662 French  Pascal's principle
Christiaan Huygens  1629-1695 Dutch  Huygen's principle
Robert Hooke  1635-1703 England discovered Hooke's law of elasticity
Sir Isaac Newton  1643-1727 England developed theories of gravitation and mechanics
Daniel Bernoulli  1700-1782 Swiss  Bernoulli's principle
Benjamin Franklin  1706-1790 United States  the first American physicist; characterized two kinds of electric charge, which he named ``positive'' and ``negative''
Leonard Euler  1707-1783 Swiss  made fundamental contributions to fluid dynamics, lunar orbit theory
Henry Cavendish  1731-1810 British  discovered and studied hydrogen; first to measure Newton's gravitational constant; calculated mass and mean density of Earth
Charles Augustin de Coulomb  1736-1806 French  experiments on elasticity, electricity, and magnetism; established experimentally nature of the force between two charges
Joseph-Louis Lagrange  1736-1813 French  developed new methods of analytical mechanics
James Watt  1736-1819 Scottish  invented the modern condensing steam engine and a centrifugal governor
Count Alessandro Volta  1745-1827 Italian  pioneer in study of electricity; invented the first electric battery