Pharmacists List

pharmacists During Nationality Known for 
BENJAMIN FRANKLIN 1706-1790 United States one of the Founding Fathers of the United States of America
DANTE 1265-1321 Italian the Supreme Poet
ISAAC NEWTON 1643-1727 English Newtonian mechanics, Universal gravitation
O. HENRY 1862-1910 United States short stories are known for wit, wordplay, warm characterization and clever twist endings.
HENRIK IBSEN 1820-1906 Norway Notable work(s)  Peer Gynt (1867), A Doll's House (1879)
HUBERT H. HUMPHREY 1911-1978 United States was the 38th Vice President of the United States
BENEDICT ARNOLD 1741-1801 United States general during the American Revolutionary War
Charles Alderton 1857 - 1941 United States American inventor the soft drink Dr Pepper
Paul Carl Beiersdorf  1836-1896 United States German founder of Beiersdorf AG
Jesse Boot   1850 – 1931 British  businessman and transformer of the Boots Pharmacy/Drug Company into a national retailer
Gerry Weiner 1933 United States   former Progressive Conservative Party of Canada MP
John Pemberton  1831 - 1888 United States  Inventor of the soft drink Coca-Cola.
Caleb Bradham  1866 - 1934 United States   Invented the soft drink Pepsi-cola.
Hubert Humphrey 1911 - 1978 United States  Pharmacist and 38th Vice President