List Of Theories

List of Theories
Atomic theory Musical set theory
Automata theory Network theory
Axiomatic set theory Naive set theory
Big Bang theory Number theory
Bundle theory Order theory
Catastrophe theory Percolation theory
Category theory Potential theory
Cell theory Probability theory
Chaos theory Proof theory
Coding theory Psychoanalytical criticism (Literary theory)
Color theory Psychoanalytical theory (psychology)
Combinatorial game theory Quantity theory of money (Economics)
Communication theory Quantum evolution (Biology)
Computability theory Quantum field theory
Computational complexity theory Quark theory
Computational learning theory Queueing theory
Control theory Ramsey theory(Mathematics)
Critical theory Range theories of probability (Mathematics/Philosophy)
Decision theory Rational expectations theory (Economics)
Detection theory Rawl's theory of justice (Economics)
Domain theory Real self (Politics/Philosophy)
Elimination theory Reactance theory (Psychology)
Estimation theory Relativity theory
Evolutionary Theory Representation theory
Field theory Ring theory (Physics)
Galois theory Set theory
Game theory Sexual theory
Germ theory Sieve theory
Graph theory String Theory
Group theory Systems theory
Information theory Teletraffic queuing theory
Instructional theory Twistor theory
Internal set theory Value theory
Knot theory Wheel theory
Learning theory (education) Zermelo set theory
Modular representation theory Zermelo-Fraenkel set theory