List of Statisticians

Statistician Name During Nationality Known for 
R. A. Fisher 1890-1962  British Fisher's fundamental theorem
Karl Pearson 1857-1936 British Pearson distribution
Gertrude Cox 1900-1978 United States director of the Institute of Statistics of the Consolidated University of North Carolina 
Frank Yates 1902-1994 Manchester pioneers of 20th century statistics
John Tukey 1915-2000 United States FFT algorithm
Student (William Sealy Gosset) 1876-1937 England Work of Genichi Taguchi in the 1950s.
George E. P. Box  1919 United Kingdom Time series analysis
David R. Cox  1949 Maryland Assistant Principal at Southampton Middle School in Bel Air, Maryland
Jerome H. Friedman 1930  United States Experimental proof of quarks
Bradley Efron  1938 United States proposing the bootstrap resampling technique
F. N. David 1909 England A Famous Statisticians