List of Chemists

Chemists Name During Place Achievement/Scientific Work
Emil Abderhalden 1877-1950  German chemist known for a blood test for pregnancy, a test for cystine in urine
Richard Abegg 1869-1910 German chemist pioneer of valence theory
Arthur Aikin 1773-1854 English chemist and mineralogist one of the founders of the Geological Society of London in 1807
Johan August Arfwedson 1792-1841 Swedish chemist discovered the chemical element lithium 
Svante Arrhenius 1859-1927 Swedish chemist and physicist developed a theory to explain the ice ages
Amedeo Avogadro 1776-1856 Italian physicist Avogadro's Law, Avogadro's number
Neil Bartlett born 1932 English/Canadian/American chemist Creating one of the first noble gas compounds
Antoine Baum 1728-1804 French chemist Known for  Baumé scale
Claude Louis Berthollet 1748-1822 French chemist vice president of the French Senate.
Jöns Jakob Berzelius 1779-1848 chemist Law of constant proportions, Chemical notation, Silicon, Selenium, Thorium, Cerium
Joseph Black 1728-1799 chemist Latent heat, specific heat, and the discovery of carbon dioxide
Carl Bosch 1872-1940 German chemist Haber-Bosch process
Johannes Nicolaus Brønsted 1879-1947 Danish chemist protonic theory of acid-base reactions
Henri Braconnot  1780-1855 French chemist and pharmacist discovered gallic and ellagic acids
Robert Wilhelm Bunsen 1811-1899 German inventor chemist Known for Discovery of cacodyl radical; discoveries of cesium and rubidium
Eduard Buchner 1860-1917 German chemist Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Melvin Calvin  1911-1997 American chemist  1961 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Georg Ludwig Carius  1829-1875 German chemist Director of the Marburger Chemical Institute of Philipps University of Marburg 
Heinrich Caro  1834-1910 German chemist Known for  Erlenmeyer azlactone synthesis
Wallace Carothers  1896-1937 American chemist Known for  Nylon
Henry Cavendish 1731-1810 Bristish scientist Known for  Discovery of hydrogen
Marie Curie   1867-1934 Poland, France Polish-born French radiation physicist
Robert Curl  1933 Alice, Texas, United States winner of 1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
John Dalton  1766-1844 physicist Atomic Theory, Law of Multiple Proportions, Dalton's Law of Partial Pressures, Daltonism
Henrik Carl Peter Dam   1895-1976 Danish biochemist 1943 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Humphry Davy  1778-1829 Penzance, Cornwall, Great Britain Electrolysis, sodium, potassium, calcium, magnesium, barium, boron, Davy lamp
Peter Debye  1884-1966 Netherlands / United States  Debye model, Debye relaxation
Sir James Dewar 1876-1954  Scottish Liquid oxygen, Liquid hydrogen
Otto Diels  1876 –1954 German chemnist  1950 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Edward Doisy  1893 American biochemist  1943 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Davorin Dolar    born 1921 chemist research on polyelectrolyte solutions.
Jean Baptiste Dumas  1800-1884 French chemist  Known for  Atomic weights
Paul Ehrlich  1854-1915  German chemist  1908 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Manfred Eigen  1927 German chemist  1967 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Arthur Eichengrün  1867-1949 German chemist  invented aspirin.
Emil Erlenmayer  1825-1909  German chemist Erlenmeyer flask
Richard R. Ernst 1933 1991  Swiss chemist Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Hans von Euler-Chelpin  1873-1964  Swedish chemist  winner of the 1929 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
Michael Faraday  1791-1867  England scientist Faraday's law of induction
Hermann Emil Fischer  1852-1919  German chemist  Study of sugars & purines
Hans Fischer  1881-1945 German organic chemist  1930 Nobel prize winner 
Wilhelm Fresenius  son of Carl   1913-2004 German chemist studies in analytical chemistry. 
Alexander Naumovich Frumkin  1895-1976 electrochemist  Hero of Socialist Labor award.
Johan Gadolin  1760–1852  Finnish chemist Known for  yttrium
Francois Auguste Victor Grignard  1871-1935  France 1912 Nobel Prize in Chemistry corecipient
Victor Goldschmidt  1888-1947 Zürich  Father of Modern Geochemistry 
Fritz Haber  1868-1934 German chemist Fertilisers, Explosives, Haber process
Odd Hassel  1897-1981  Norwegian chemist  1969 Nobel prize in chemistry
Charles Hatchett  1765-1847  English chemist discovered niobium
Robert Havemann  1910-1982  chemist received a doctorate in physical chemistry
George de Hevesy  1885-1966  German chemist  Nobel Prize in chemistry 1943
Friedrich Hoffmann  1660-1742 physician and chemist introduced many drugs
Roald Hoffmann   1937 Polish-born American chemist 1981 Nobel Prize in chemistry
Jaroslav Heyrovský  1890-1967  Czech chemist  Nobel Prize for Chemistry (1959)
Sir Christopher Kelk Ingold  1893-1970  English chemist  Organic reaction mechanisms Cahn-Ingold-Prelog rules
Frederic Joliot-Curie  1900-1958  French chemist and physicist Known for  Atomic nuclei
Irène Joliot-Curie  1897-1956 French chemist and physicist  Known for  Transmutation of elements
Paul Karrer  1889-1971 Moscow, Russia Known for  Vitamins
Karl Wilhelm Gottlob Kastner  1783 - 1857 German chemist  Known for  Study of triboluminescence
Friedrich August Kekulé von Stradonitz  1829-1896  German organic chemist Known for  Theory of chemical structure
Adolph Wilhelm Hermann Kolbe  1818-1884 chemist.  Kolbe electrolysis
Harold Kroto  born 1939  English chemist  1996 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Richard Kuhn  1900 - 1967   German chemist  1938 chemistry Nobel laureate..
Irving Langmuir  1851-1957  chemist physicist  Inventor of the high-vacuum tube
Antoine Lavoisier  1743-1794  French pioneer chemist the father of modern chemistry
Yuan T. Lee  born 1936  Hsinchu City , Taiwan 1986 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Primo Levi  1919-1987  Turin, Italy resistance fighter chemist and novelist
Gilbert N. Lewis  1875-1946  American chemist   first Dean of the Berkeley College of Chemistry
Willard Libby  1908-1980  American chemist  1960 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Justus von Liebig  1803-1873   German inventor Known for  Nitrogen, Law of the Minimum, Liebig condenser
Martin Lowry  1874-1936  British chemist  studied changes in optical rotation
Albertus Magnus  died 1280  Lauingen, Bavaria Saint Albert the Great; Albert of Cologne
Lise Meitner  1878-1968  physicist Known for  Nuclear fission
Dmitri Ivanovich Mendeleev  1834-1907  Tobolsk (Russia) chemist creator of the Periodic Table of Elements
William A. Mitchell  1911-2004  Raymond, Minnesota key inventor behind Pop Rocks Tang and Kool Whip
Alexander Mitscherlich  1836-1918 German chemist. worked in field of processing wood to create cellulose.
Jacques Monod  1910-1976  French chemist. biochemist winner of Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 1965
Robert S. Mulliken  1896-1986  American physicist chemist  Known for  molecular orbital theory
Robert Nalbandyan   1937-2002 Armenian protein chemist co-discoverer of photosynthetic protein plantacyanin
Isaac Newton 1642-1727  Lincolnshire, England Known for  Newtonian mechanics, Universal gravitation, Calculus, Optics
Lars Onsager  1903-1976  Norway physical chemist 1968 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Wilhelm Ostwald  1853-1932 Riga, Latvia  Known for  Onsager reciprocal relations
Paracelsus  1493-1541  Einsiedeln, Switzerland alchemist
Rudolph Pariser  born 1923 Harbin, China   theoretical and organic chemist
Louis Pasteur  1822-1895  French  biochemist
Linus Pauling  1901-1994  Portland, Oregon, USA Nobel Prizes in chemistry and peace
John A. Pople  1925-2004  Burnham on Sea, Somerset, England theoretical chemist 1998 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Roy J. Plunkett  1910-1984  New Carlisle, Ohio discoverer of Teflon
Fritz Pregl  1869-1930 Ljubljana, Austria Hungary  chemist Nobel Prize in Chemistry 1923.
Vladimir Prelog  1906-1998  Austria-Hungary 1975 Nobel Prize in Chemistry
Ilya Prigogine  1917-2003  Moscow, Russia 1977 Nobel Prize in Chemistry 
William Ramsay  born 1852  Scottish chemist Known for  Noble gases
Henri Victor Regnault  1810-1878  French chemist and physicist worked on  thermodynamics
Tadeus Reichstein  1897-1996  Włocławek, Congress Poland chemist 1950 Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine
Ellen Swallow Richards  1842 - 1911  industrial and environmental chemist. worked on  Chemistry,Family and Consumer Science
Leopold Ruzicka  1887-1976 1939 Nobel Prize in Chemistry  Known for Terpenes
Paul Sabatier  1854-1941 Toulouse, France 1912 Nobel Prize in Chemistry corecipient
Carl Wilhelm Scheele  1742-1786  Stralsund, Swedish Pomerania 18th century chemist discovered numerous elements
Glenn T. Seaborg  1912-1999  atomic physicist Known for  Discovery of ten transuranium elements
Nils Gabriel Sefström  1787-1845  Swedish chemist Rediscovery of vanadium
Israel Shahak  1933-2001 Warsaw, Poland former president of the Israeli League for Human and Civil Rights
K. Barry Sharpless. 1941 2001 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Known for  stereoselective reactions, click chemistry
S.P.L. Sørensen  1868-1939 Danish chemist famous for the introduction of the concept of pH
Frederick Soddy  1877-1956 British chemist Known for  Soddy's hexlet, Coining the term 'isotope', Soddy circles
Harold C. Urey  1893-1981  1934 Nobel Prize in Chemistry.  Known for  discovery of deuterium, Miller-Urey experiment
J. H. van 't Hoff  1852-1911  Dutch physical chemist 1901  Known for  Chemical kinetics, Stereochemistry
Artturi Ilmari Virtanen  1895-1973  chemist Nobel Prize laureate  Known for  AIV fodder
Johannes Diderik van der Waals  1837-1923 Leiden, Netherlands Known for  Equation of state, intermolecular forces
Alfred Werner  1866-1919  1913 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Known for  configuration of transition metal complexes
Heinrich Otto Wieland   1877-1957 German chemist  Known for  bile acids research
Harvey W. Wiley  1844-1930 US chemist  Pure food & drug advocate
Friedrich Woehler  1800-1882  German chemist Known for  Wöhler synthesis of urea
William Hyde Wollaston   1766-1828 English chemist Known for  Discoveries of palladium and rhodium
Robert B. Woodward  1917-1979  1965 Nobel Prize in Chemistry Known for  Several landmark organic syntheses
Sabir Yunusov  1909-1995  Soviet chemist alkaloids  research in alkaloid chemistry
Ahmed H. Zewail  born 1946  Egyptian  1999 Nobel Prize Winner for his work on femtochemistry.