List of Cartographers

cartographers are map makers, Cartography is the study of map making.

Cartographers Name During Place Achievement/ Occupation
Dicaearchus circa(350–285) BC Messana in Sicily first to use geographical coordinates
Hipparchus 190 B.C. - 120 B.C. Nicaea (Turkey) did astronomical observations in the period from 147 BC to 127 BC
Isidore of Seville 560 - 636 Cartagena, Spain involved in the conversion of the royal Visigothic Arians to Catholicism
Ptolemy circa (85-165) Ptolemais Hermiou mathematician, geographer, astronomer, astrologer
Al-Idrisi  1100-1166 North Africa Arab geographer, cartographer and traveller 
Philipp Apian  1495 - 1552 Ingolstadt  German mathematician and medic
Martin Behaim  1436 - 1507 Nuremberg German navigator and geographer to the King of Portugal.
Erhard Etzlaub  1460 - 1532 Erfurt, Germany. astronomer, geodesist, cartographer, instrument maker and physician.
Sebastian Mnster 1488 - 1552 Ingelheim, Mainz His work, the Cosmographia from 1544 was the earliest German description of the world
Piri Reis 1465 - 1554 Turkey. Ottoman-Turkish admiral, geographer and cartographer
Hartmann Schedel  1440 - 1514 Bavaria German physician, humanist and historian
Amerigo Vespucci 1454 - 1512 Florence, Italy known for Demonstrating New World was not Asia but | previously-unknown fourth continent
Martin Waldseemller  circa (1470 - 1521) Freiburg im Breisgau credited with the first recorded usage of the word America, on the 1507 map Universalis Cosmographia
Johan Blaeu  1599 - 1673 Alkmaar, Netherlands well-known for its traditional cheese market (cultural center in netherlands)  
Willem Blaeu  1571 - 1638 Dutch Dutch cartographer, atlas maker and publisher.
Martin Heilwig 1516 - 1574 Nysa, Poland In 1561 he copper-etched a map, a single-sheet cartouche of Silesia
Henricus Hondius 1597 - 1651 Flanders, Netherlands engraver and cartographer
Jodocus Hondius,  1563 - 1612 Wakken, West Flanders. known for his early maps of the New World and Europe
Jan Janssonius  1588 - 1664 Arnhem, Netherlands Dutch cartographer
Gerard de Jode  1509 - 1591 Nijmegen, Netherlands, worked for Gastaldi's map and other maps of the world
Gerardus Mercator  1512 - 1594 Rupelmonde in East Flanders Flemish cartographer
A. Matthus Merian  1593 - 1650 Basel, Switzerland notable Swiss engraver.
Abraham Ortelius,  1527 - 1598 Antwerp, Belgium recognised as the creator of the first modern atlas.
John Speed  1542 - 1629 Farndon, England historian
Vincenzo Coronelli 1650 - 1718 Venice Franciscan monk, an Italian cosmographer.
Guillaume Delisle, 1675 - 1726 Paris French cartographer who lived in Paris.
Johann Homann, 1664 - 1724 Oberkammlach, Bavaria German geographer and cartographer
Peter Schenk  1660 - 1718 Wuppertal, Germany created mostly maps, historical sights and scenes.
Friedrich Wilhelm Karl died 1743 Berlin, Germany royal Prussian Lieutenant-General
Matthias Seutter  1678 - 1757 Southern Germany.  German map publishers of the 18th century
Johann Friedrich   1755 Royal Prussia Royal Mathematician to King Augustus III of Poland.
Thomas Jefferys  1710 - 1771 North America. published maps of several English counties
George Bradshaw  1801 - 1853 Windsor Bridge, Lancashire printer, publisher, originator of the railway timetable.