Ipad Eclipses

Apple’s phenomenal iPad did not have to wait for sales to skyrocket after the device’s release – it sold 300,000 and after two months, the tablet sales have reached a new high, reportedly 2 million pieces. Of course, not to forget its parallel and recent international launch in Europe and Asia which has brought about such a staggering sale.

The recent stalemate in China where Google’s Chinese operations were hacked has led to a hastened effect on the second opinion on the use of Windows as their operating system. Google has about 10,000 employees across the globe. There are security concerns – new hires have the option of using Mac computers or PCs with Linux operating system.

The policy of phasing out Microsoft has already begun since January. Those opting for a Windows OS have to go through several levels of approval from seniors. Windows has a history of vulnerability to hack attacks and computer viruses, more so because of its unavoidable presence and prevalence.

The continued efforts of Google to use its own products have become a compulsive priority – the Chrome OS is still in a beta stage though. Some employees fretted the OS imposition given the unique feature and privilege of this company where employees had a choice in using the OS though they are also simultaneously relieved it is Mac over Windows.

There is constant and stiff competition between Google and Microsoft – one is the clear champ in search and the other in OS.