Global Warming

Today I want to discuss about the topic Global Warming, we all know little bit about this specially through the Discovery channel. This is one of a major problem which we people are facing nowadays. In simple words, we may say that it stands for the continuous increase of average temperature of earth near surface air to ocean.

The major reason behind Global Warming is the continuous increase of Industrial sector, Pollution, cutting of trees, Jungles, etc. For the growth of industries we people removes Jungles, trees and greenery from this world, we all know that this is not a good thing, and will surely affect our nearby future, but still we people are doing so for the earning money.

Scientist says that almost 100% of observed temperature increases from past 50 years, they said that the reason behind this is the continuous increase in the atmosphere of Greenhouse Gases (like CO2, Ozone, Water vapor, Methane, etc). If we speak about the causes behind Global Warming, then the first thing which comes in our mind is none other than Greenhouse effect.

Let me tell you, what these Greenhouse gases are, these are the gases which act as a mirror and reflect back to the earth a part of heat radiation. Energy production is considered as the most important cause behind Global warming; this energy production creates Greenhouse gases by burning of fossil fuels. Apart from this cause there are few other causes which results in Global warming, that are Chlorofluorocarbons and Agricultural practices. After discussing the causes behind Global warming, we need to discuss what the effects of Global Warming are.

Global Warming Effects

Global Warming not only effects the environment, but also effects human life and economy. Global warming disturbs the weather which may results in storms and cyclones. Increase in temperature may results in collapse of Ice Sheet which raises the level of sea. It will also change the ecosystem, due to which many species are forced to come out of their habitats. Mountain provides habitat to 10% of human population, but Global Warming may results in risk over Mountain habitats.

This climate change may also affect human’s health as it contributes to burden of diseases and premature death. Above are very few effects, which I had discussed, apart from these there are few other effects like agriculture effects, effects on Global Market, effect of food and transport, forest, ecological productivity, etc.

So, above we had discussed the causes and effects of Global warming, next I want to discuss what are the ways which we should follow to stop or control the Global warming. Mitigation of Global warming is accomplished by reduction in the rate of Greenhouse gases release. There are lots of social groups formed all over the world to encourage individual and companies to reduce the Greenhouse Gases release. All over the world, many meetings and seminars are arranged, to discuss the how to control the Global Warming. Effort is also needed from all individuals as save energy from your side as and when possible, if every individual will try to save energy, then this will rank among the best solution of controlling Global Warming.

Global Warming Causes

Geoengineering is also one of the major ways to stop Global Warming. National Academy of science defines Geoengineering as option that would involve large scale engineering of our environment in order to combat the effects of changes in atmospheric chemistry. Tree planting is a project of Geoengineering that the school and colleges are following. One small of way to stop Global warmingwas ‘Say no to Plastic Bags’ had worked a lot, and in most of the countries, these plastic bags are banned.

Above, I had tried to discuss Global Warming, its causes, its effects and what are the ways and solution which we have to follow to stop Global Warming. I had also discussed the Tree Planting, which is most popularly used in School and Colleges to fight Global warming, hope you have got all the needful information from the above discussion.