Geographers List

Geographer Name During Nationality Known for 
Peter Adams 1936 United Kingdom He was a Member of Parliament from 1993 until 2005
Manuel Castells 1942 Spain founding member of the USC Center on Public Diplomacy
Jack Dangermond   United States The EDUCAUSE Medal of EduCause
William Gordon East 1902-1998 United Kingdom English geographer and writer.
Alfons Gabriel 1894-1975 United States Austrian geographer and travel writer
Mohammad Reza Hafeznia 1955 Iran full professor of political geography
Muhammad al-Idrisi  1100-1165 Almoravid Tabula Rogeriana
Jane Jacobs 1916-2006 United States The Death and Life of Great American Cities
Felix Philipp Kanitz 1829-1904 Budapest first custodian of the Anthropologisch-Urgeschichtliches Museum in Vienna
Yves Lacoste 1929 Morocco La Geographie du Sous-developpment
Erich Obst 1886 - 1981 German editor of the German geopolitical magazine "Zeitschrift fur Geopolitik".
Joseph Partsch 1851–1925 German he wrote extensively on glacial geology
David Sadler 1946 England English former football player
Ralph Stockman Tarr 1864-1912 United States published Economic Geology of the United States
Alfred Russel Wallace 1823-1913 British independently proposing a theory of natural selection
Xu Xiake 1587-1641 China famous geographical treatise
Naomasa Yamasaki 1870-1929 Japan professor at Tokyo Imperial University