Geneticists - Biochemists List

Geneticists/Biochemists List Name During Nationality Known for 
Jerry Adams 1940 United States Research into the genetics of haemopoietic differentiation and malignancy
Michael Ashburner 1942 England Drosophila melanogaster, Gene Ontology, FlyBase
Oswald Avery 1877-1955 United States One of the first molecular biologists
William Bateson 1861-1926 British Heredity and biological inheritance
George Beadle 1903-1989 United States Gene regulation of biochemical events within cells
John Belling 1866-1933 England Study of chromosomes
Paul Berg 1926 United States Nobel Prize in Chemistry (1980)
J. D. Bernal 1901-1971 Irish Science, politics and war work
Jöns Berzelius 1779-1848 Swedish Law of constant proportions
Theodor Boveri 1862-1915 German Embryonic development
Christopher Caudwell 1907-1937 British British Marxist writer, thinker and poet.
Jean-Pierre Changeux 1936 France MWC model, isolation of nAChR
Edwin Chargaff 1905-2002 United States Milton Campbell Research Fellow in organic chemistry at Yale University
C. D. Darlington 1903-1981 England Discovered the mechanics of chromosomal crossover
Margaret Oakley Dayhoff 1925-1983 United States Pioneer in the field of bioinformatics
Hugo de Vries 1848-1935 Dutch Chiefly for suggesting the concept of genes
R. A. Emerson 1860-1924 United States Emerson held the only American-earned scientific doctorate among the three other professors
B. Ephrussi 1864-1934 French Member of the prominent Rothschild banking family.
D. S. Falconer 1913-2004 British His work in quantitative genetics
Ronald Fisher 1890-1962 England Fisher's fundamental theorem
J. B. S. Haldane 1892-1964 British Population genetics, Enzymology
Alfred Day Hershey 1908-1997 United States Bacteriophages