List of Galaxies

List of Galaxies
NGC 2770
NGC 3314
NGC 3314a
NGC 3314b
ESO 137-001
Comet Galaxy
Named Galaxies
Milky Way Galaxy
Bode's Galaxy
Cartwheel Galaxy
Cigar Galaxy
Comet Galaxy
Hoag's Object
Large Magellanic Cloud
Small Magellanic Cloud
Mayall's Object
Pinwheel Galaxy
Sombrero Galaxy
Sunflower Galaxy
Tadpole Galaxy
Whirlpool Galaxy
First galaxies
First Galaxy Date
First galaxy Milky Way Galaxy & Andromeda Galaxy 1923
First radio galaxy Cygnus A 1952
First quasar 3C273, 3C48 1962, 1960
First Seyfert galaxy NGC 1068 (M77) 1908
First discovered object, later identified to be a cannibalized galaxy Omega Centauri  
First superluminal galactic jet 3C279 1971
First superluminal jet from a Seyfert III Zw 2 2000
First spiral galaxy Whirlpool Galaxy 1845
Class Galaxy Notes
BL Lac object BL Lacertae (BL Lac) This AGN was originally catalogued as a variable star, and "stars" of its type are considered BL Lac objects.
Hoag-type Galaxy Hoag's Object This is the prototype Hoag-type Ring Galaxy
Nearest Galaxies
Title Galaxy Date Distance Notes
Nearest galaxy Milky Way always 0 This is our galaxy
Nearest galaxy to our own Canis Major Dwarf 2003 0.025 Mly  
Nearest dwarf galaxy Canis Major Dwarf 2003 0.025 Mly  
Nearest large galaxy to our own Andromeda Galaxy always 2.54 Mly First identified as a separate galaxy in 1923
Nearest giant galaxy Centaurus A   13.7 Mly  
Farthest Galaxies
Title Galaxy Date Distance Notes
Most remote galaxy IOK-1 2006 z=6.96 This is the most remote undisputed galaxy
Most remote normal galaxy IOK-1 2006 z=6.96 This is the most remote undisputed normal galaxy
Most remote quasar CFHQS J2329-0301 2007 z=6.43 This is the undisputed most remote quasar of any type
Most distant non-quasar SMG Baby Boom Galaxy (EQ J100054+023435) 2008 z=4.547  

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