Famous Inventors List

Inventor Name During Nationality Known for Invention of 
Vitaly Mikhaylovich Abalakov 1906-1986 Russia Camming devices
Hovannes Adamian 1879-1932 Armenia/Russia  Tricolor principle of the color television
Robert Adler 1913-2007 Austria/United States Wireless remote control
Rostislav Alexeyev 1916-1980 Russia Ekranoplan
Mary Anderson 1866–1953 United States Windshield wiper blade
Charles Babbage 1791-1871  United Kingdom Analytical engine (semi-automatic computer)
Roger Bacon 1214-1292 England Magnifying glass
Leo Baekeland 1863-1944 United States Velox photographic paper and Bakelite
Ralph H. Baer 1922 German born American Video game console
Abd al-Latif al-Baghdadi 1162–1231 Iraq/Egypt Ventilator
Robert Cailliau 1947 Belgium The World Wide Web
C`ai Lun 50 AD - 121 China Paper
Marvin Camras 1916 - 1995 United States magnetic recording
Chester Carlson 1906 - 1968 United States Xerography
Wallace Carothers 1896 - 1937 United States Nylon
Gustaf Dalén 1869-1937 Sweden AGA cooker; Dalén light; Agamassan
George Eastman 1854-1932 United States Roll film
Samuel Face 1923-2001 United States Concrete flatness/levelness technology; Lightning Switch
Dennis Gabor 1900-1979 Hungary  Holography
John Hadley 1682-1744 England Octant
Ibn Yunus 950-1009  Egypt Pendulum
Jabir ibn Aflah c. 1100-1150 Islamic Spain Portable celestial globe
Mikhail Kalashnikov 1919 Russia AK-47 and AK-74 assault rifles
René Laënnec  1781-1826 France Stethoscope
Ma Jun c. 200-265  China  South Pointing Chariot 
Ibn al-Nafis 1213-1288 Syria/Egypt  Circulatory physiology
Theophil Wilgodt Odhner 1845–1903 Sweden the Odhner Arithmometer, a mechanical calculator
Larry Page with Sergey Brin 1973 United States invented Google web search engine