Famous Geologits List

Geologists Name During Nationality Known for 
Alfred Wegener 1880-1930 German most notable for his theory of continental drift
Charles Walcott 1850-1927 United States his discovery in 1909 of well-preserved fossils
Nicolas Steno 1638-1686 Danish pioneer in both anatomy and geology.
Andrija Mohorovičić  1857-1936 Volosko near Opatija notable Croatian meteorologist and seismologist
Giuseppe Mercalli 1850-1914 Italian Worked professor of the Natural Sciences at the seminary of Milan
Harry Hess 1906-1969 United States one of the "founding fathers" of the unifying theory of plate tectonics
 James Dana 1813-1895 United States His important studies of mountain-building, volcanic activity
John Horne 1736-1812 British The Petition of an Englishman
Ben Peach 1842-1926 British elected a Fellow of the Royal Society in 1892
Charles Lapworth 1842-1920 British his pioneering work and contributions to geology
William Conybeare 1787-1857 British Won Wollaston medal in 1844
Henry De la Beche 1796-1855 British English geologist who helped pioneer early survey methods.
Adam Sedgwick 1785-1873 British Classification of Cambrian rocks
Charles Darwin 1809-1882 British The Voyage of the Beagle On The Origin of Species Natural selection
Charles Lyell 1797-1875 British Uniformitarianism
Louis Agassiz 1807-1873 Switzerland Won Wollaston medal in 1836 for his work on fossil ichthyology
William Buckland 1784-1856 British great scientific work Reliquiæ Diluvianæ
Richard Owen 1804-1892 United Kingdom British Museum of Natural History
Gideon Mantell 1790-1852 England He is credited with discovering the first fossils identified as originating from a dinosaur
Jake Hancock 1924-2004 British Geology of the Cretaceous, appreciation of Wine
Arthur Holmes 1890-1965 British performed the first uranium-lead radiometric dating
William Smith 1769-1839 English geological map
James Hutton 1726-1797 Scottish  Plutonic geology, Deep time
Mary Anning 1799-1849 British Fossil collecting