Famous Economists List

Economist Name During Nationality Known for 
Amartya Sen 1933 Indian Welfare Economics, Human development theory
Bertil Ohlin 1899 Sweden Heckscher-Ohlin model, Heckscher-Ohlin theorem
Clive W.J.Granger 1934 United Kingdom Cointegration, Granger causality, Fractional integration
Daniel L. McFadden 1937 United States Discrete choice
Daniel Kahneman 1934 United States Cognitive biases, Behavioral economics, Prospect theory
Douglass C. North 1920 United States Economic history
Edward C. Prescott 1940 United States Quantitative general equilibrium business cycle theory
Edmund S. Phelps 1933 United States Micro-foundations of macroeconomics
Franco Modigliani 1918-2003 Italian American Field: Financial economics
Finn. E. Kydland 1943 Norway Field: Macroeconomics
Friedrich Von Hayek 1899-1992 Europe Notable Ideas in Economic calculation problem, Catallaxy.
Gunnar Myrdal 1898-1987 Sweden Monetary equilibrium
George J. Stigler 1911-1991 United States Capture theory
Gerard Debreu 1921-2004 French Was awareded 1983 Nobel Memorial Prize in Economics.
Gary S. Becker 1930 American Field: Law and economics
George A. Akerlof 1940 United States Information asymmetry, Efficiency wages
Herbert A. Simon 1916-2001 United States Logic Theory Machine, General Problem Solver, Bounded Rationality
Harry M. Markowitz 1927 United States Contributions: Modern portfolio theory
Jan Tinbergen 1903-1994 Netherlands  First national macroeconomic model
Joseph E Stiglitz 1943  United States Contributions: Screening
John R. Hicks 1956  United States Convictions:  Aggravated murder, Robbery
James Tobin 1918-2002  United States Portfolio theory, Keynesian economics
John F. Nash 1928  United States Nash equilibrium, Nash embedding theorem, Algebraic geometry
John C. Harsanyi 1920-2000  United States Bayesian games, Utilitarian ethics, Equilibrium selection
James J Heckman 1944  United States Contributions:  Statistical analysis of individual behaviour