Famous Biologists List

Bioligists Name During Place Achievements/Scientific Work
Darwin, Charles Robert  1809-1882 England best known for his theory of evolutionary selection
Linnaeus, Carolus  1707-1778 Sweden classified animals, plants, and minerals
Mendel, Gregor  1823-1884 Austrian Empire Experiments on Plant Hybridization
Crick, Francis  1916-2004 Northampton X-ray crystallography of proteins
Wallace, Alfred Russel  1823-1913 Monmouthshire, Wales. research on Wallace effect
Hardin, Garrett  1915-2003 Dallas, Texas, research on concept of life and evolution
Carson, Rachel  1907-1964 Pennsylvania report field data on fish populations
Watson, James 1928 Chicago, Illinois deduced the double helix structure of DNA
Beebe, Charles William 1877-1962 Columbia research at the New York Zoological Society
Wilson, Edward O.  1929 Birmingham, Alabama known for Coining the term 'sociobiology'
Banks, Joseph  1743-1820 London approximately 80 species of plants bear Banks's name
Murawski, Darlyne A. 1643 England research biologist 
Ehrlich, Paul R.  1932 Pennsylvania Population growth predictions
Florey, Howard 1898-1968 South Australia Nobel Prize for Physiology
Blobel, Günter 1936 Silesia U.S. Steel Foundation Award in Molecular Biology
Just, Ernest Everett 1883-1941 South Carolina  African American U.S. biologist.
Earle, Sylvia  1935 Gibbstown, New Jersey American oceanographer.
Gregory Goodwin 1903-1967 Woodbine, New Jersey experiments involving parthenogenesis 
Comfort, Alex 1920-2000 Cambridge House Physician at the London Hospital
Monod, Jacques  1910-1976 Paris, France famous for his work on the Lac operon
Chang, Min Chueh  1908-1991 Dunhòu, Taiyuan development of the combined oral contraceptive pill 
Dulbecco, Renato 1914 Italy, United States worked on Human Genome Project.
Rodbell, Martin  1925-1998 Baltimore, Maryland discovery of G-proteins